Episode 16

My eyes widened at his words. I felt cold shrills run up and down my spine. I couldn't move but stare at the dead body of his girlfriend, who had been slain by Xander. My head was pounding so hard as I thought of what would be my fate...

I don't want to die now. I'm not yet ready to fight with Xavier or his son. I'm no match for them, but it seemed like I would have to fight Xander sooner than I thought, and I need no soothsayer to know I was going to be killed. He cruelly killed Scarlett and won't spare me either.

"You deceived my mate into believing in you. She trusted you to kill Xavier. Now you will have to save your life from Xander, and the only way is to defeat him when he comes for your life." The Alpha muttered with a snort as he wiggled his head at the shredded body of Scarlett.

Was Xander the same man who was trapped?... I muttered to myself, as I couldn't imagine the same man I met being the same person killed so brutally...

"Take her body away..." Hutton sniffed, walking
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Stephanie Hyde
Im really enjoying this book, but can you stop refrain from using dig your hesrt out and eat it lol not possible.... i get the gist but still

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