Episode 17

The car finally halted at a car pack, and I tried to open the car door, but someone else did it for me. One of the guards, I smiled sheepishly, and stepped down like a princess.

Hutton walked over to me and, like a dream, he held my hand gently. My cheeks flushed red as I blushed so hard.

"Fool!" He muttered under his breath, scoffing at me so hard.

"Take it easy, or I'll fall," I whispered when he walked so fast.

"You're insane to think I care!...I only want Xander to see you as my mate!" He grunts in frustration.

"Then do it well, or he will find out you are just playing tricks on him." I smirked while he hissed.

He took my hand through the hallways, drawing stares from every student who saw us.

"Is this Hutton's real love?"

"She might be his mate, but he is too possessive of her!" I heard murmurs, making me feel so elated that I nearly laughed.

We finally got to the classroom, and he stood at the door for some seconds, inhaling and exhaling.

"Make sure you do it well, treat
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