Episode 18

"Do you know who you are? You are Hutton's mate, and you still had the guts to tell me what to do." He asked with a deadly tone that made me yelp.

"I am..I am.. am..." I couldn't talk, afraid to accept it or not. I was confused and hurt deeply at the same time. He was staring at my face, still didn't recognize me, or acting like he didn't...

"You should know what I did to Scarlett. Yours would be more painful and cruel." He threatened, causing my heart to sink into my belly.

"Don't you remember me or you don't care?" I asked slowly as tears dropped from my eyes.

I raised my palm to his face, showing the scars I got from slashing my palm last night to save him from the trap.

His gaze fell on the scar, and he squinted his eyes like he was trying to understand what it was. I stared at him, feeling my heart thud louder in my chest. Fear was sipping in, and this time, it wasn't the fear of how huge he was or his powers, but I was afraid of his rejection, afraid of him denying ever knowin
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