Episode 60

Kayla's POV

"She is a Human. I think as an Alpha prince of your pack, you should urge them to kill her instantly and throw her dead body away" I fumbled, looking down to the ground as my heart raced inside my chest. It wasn't normal for Hutton to defend the human, especially as she looked extremely beautiful.

Maybe that was why I was jealous. She could beat everyone in a beauty contest without much stress, and seeing my mate look at her with warm eyes made me filled with anxiety.

"Killing her won't do us any good. She is just an innocent girl!" He pressed on, and even before I could say any other word, he had left me and was pacing his way to where she was.

I spun and watched as he leaned towards her with a smile.

"You are safe in my hands. No one will hurt you till you find your way back," he said out loud to her with a calm voice. I was shaken, with every part of me burning in a rage. My eyes roamed around for a short time searching for Lena and Xander as everything wouldn't stop se
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