Chapter Four




Derek and I had just been in another argument. Ever since that night, he was extremely upset. he was bitterly hurt about everything. He still believed I betrayed him by never mentioning the alliance to him and he had to find out about it only that night. 

I couldn't manage to convince him that I would marry nobody else but him, I wasn't fully convinced myself.  

Mother hadn't been successful in convincing father, I was to go ahead with the arrangement, it wasn't in my place to decide what I wanted. 

Everything in this whole room made me feel as though I was going crazy. 

The expensive jewel boxes laying in the corner, my new set of wardrobe filled me with even more despair. 

The wedding gown was the most beautiful I've ever seen, adorned with white pearls. 

The beauty of it was mocking me.  

They were all a reminder that tomorrow, my fate would be sealed. 

Lucian Castiel would become my husband, just like he had promised. 

His merciless cold eyes, the way his mouth had pressed against mine never left my mind in all these days. 

My neck still bore the faint imprint of his palms, where he had pinned me so tightly. 

A shudder spread over my body at the memory. Cold layers of sweat formed on my face, there had to be a way I could stop this, escape him. 

I had thought about running away with Derek, it was the only option,  but still, I couldn't even do that. With no one to aid me, we would easily get caught, I didn't even want to think of the consequence then. 

A low knock sounded on the door. I got off the bed, smoothing my nightshirt, I walked over to it. 

"Gabby? " Mother's low whisper had me unlocking the door, she entered the room and locked the door.

Her actions roused suspicions in my mind, something was wrong, her eyes were filled with worry, she was nervous. 

"Mother, what is it? "

Without saying a word, she pulled my arm, dragging me along with her to sit on the bed. 

"Take this " she spoke, for the first time, I noticed the stack of envelopes in her hands. 

Shock couldn't describe the feelings that traveled through me once I opened it. 

"You have only until tomorrow morning, you have to go far away from here "

I stared at the passports, it wasn't just mine, there was Derek's as well, there were about three to four credit cards as well.

"Those are untraceable, it will be enough to get the both of you settled down, you will travel on the first flight, and be sure to go as far as you can. " 

Tears immediately sprang in my eyes when I realized what she was doing, she also had some in her eyes as well.

"I can't do this, I won't be able to leave you"

She shook her head, clasping my hands in hers.

"Then will you be able to leave the love of your life and marry Lucian Castiel?"

I didn't respond to that, my heart was breaking, if I left as she was saying, when would I ever get to see her again? 

Her face turned serious.  "I'm not helping you because of your love, I don't like that guard either, but I think he's a better choice, he wouldn't hurt you" 

Her fingers trailed over the faint scar on edge of my neck which hadn't been hidden by my nightclothes. I had never thought she had noticed it, but it appeared she had. 

"About father, what will happen to you if he finds out that...." My eyes widened in fright at the thought, as much as I wanted to leave with Derek, I would never allow her to be hurt because of me.

"Don't worry about that, I've got a plan "

I wasn't reassured by her words, she caught my shoulders this time. 

"You don't need to worry about anything, remember that first thing in the morning, I will come to get you, you need to be ready. " 

I nodded vehemently.

She stood up, ready to leave. I accompanied her to the door, pushing it open, we were met by Phoebe's stare. 

She must have overheard us.

"You are both making a mistake, mother! How could you do this! " She was glaring at me. 

"Phoebe, keep your voice down, concerning whatever you might have heard, I forbid you to tell your father of anyone about it! Why are you still awake by this time?" 

She huffed, crossing her arms together.

"So, I wouldn't hear what great escape plan you both have come up with, mother did you ever think what will happen to us when there is no bride tomorrow? ! " She cried out, turning a little pale as though she couldn't bear to think about it. 

I was struck with doubts once again, I couldn't endanger all of them, it would be selfish of me, I couldn't think about only myself and ignore the fact that it might result in violence. 

"Maybe I shouldn't l..leave, I..I."

"Nonsense!" Mother cuts in. "Go and prepare for tomorrow, don't forget what I told you." 

She caught a reluctant Phoebe by the arm, leading her out of my sight. 

Exhaling aloud, I shut the door closed and walked to my bed. 

My eyes caught on my cellphone, it would be best if I informed Derek of the new change in plans. 

I prayed silently, that nothing should go wrong, with me and also with my mother who decided to help me. 


I met Derek in our special place, in the garden where no one had ever found us.

The gentle breeze blew across his sandy brown hair as he paced to and fro.

Waiting for me.

I called out his name and his eyes found me almost immediately. 

"What's wrong? " I whispered.

He looked frustrated, more stressed than I've ever seen him. From the dark circles under his eyes, it didn't seem as though he had been sleeping well either. 

"Nothing is wrong, except that you're getting married to another man tomorrow " I could hear the bitterness in his voice. 

I but my lips anxiously, deliberating on how to break the information to him.

"I won't get married"

He looked at me then with a softened look.

"This must be hard for you as well, I'm being selfish, I didn't think that it must be harder for you than for me"

I took both his hands in mine in a haste, I  looked around as though someone might enter at any time.

"Listen to me, there's not much time! "

I relayed the plan to him, I could read the relief in his eyes. He was willing to disappear with me, I've never known a greater joy as I did now.

His lips caressed mine then in one of the most soft kisses I've ever known. 

"I love you! " He whispered in my ears.

It would have been perfect if a tiny voice hidden in a corner of my heart didn't replay those words. 

HIS words. 

' You will become mine!'



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