Babysitting The Mafia (The Tainted With Blood Series)
Babysitting The Mafia (The Tainted With Blood Series)
Author: Crystal L


“I believe that it is time for our next move” she said looking at the woman who was sitting inside the office. Both women were sent here by their boss to plan the next move, the ultimate move to destroy the Aslanov family.

“And that is going to be?”

“Her” she said looking at the screen of her laptop.

“My daughter?”

“Yes, you did a good job destroying the family once. I must admit, no other woman was able to do the damage that you did” she asked looking at the woman “your one challenge in this world would be your own bloodline, right?”

“And how do you expect Damien to agree with this? You know, he doesn’t just bring anyone inside the house, let alone beside his children”

“True, but with the trouble that Alessio has been causing lately, your little Kiara would be hope to him, at least I’ll do my best for it to be so” she said looking at the blonde girl’s picture “just leave the job up to me, you inform boss of our plan, and let him know that it’s going to start taking place”

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