Chapter 1


I sat on my bed searching for a job for what seemed like the thousandth time already. I hated the fact that I graduated but couldn’t prove myself to my dad. The fact that he hasn’t let me work anywhere was known, he didn’t even want me working.

But I wanted to work, I didn’t just study to hang my bachelor’s degree on my bedroom’s wall, it was something that dad couldn’t understand. He claimed that none of the places were suitable enough, it annoyed me that he thought that way.

It wasn’t until my eyes caught sight of a job offer that intrigued me.

Well, at this point any job offer would seem intriguing to me. Despite me not needing to work, my dad was a millionaire, I still wanted to give it a shot. Therefore, dialing the number, it was one from the States, but I didn’t care.

“Hello?” A woman answered the phone calmly.

“Hello, is this the Aslanov Inc.?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” The woman asked calmly.

“I saw an advertisement online, I am from England, however, I saw that you are in need of a psychologist?” I asked.

“Indeed we are, if you don’t mind telling me your name?” She asked.

“Kiara, Kiara Anderson” I answered.

“Well, Ms. Kiara, I am Delilah, Mr. Aslanov is indeed in need for a psychologist for his son. If you don’t mind sending me your CV on the email listed on the ad? I will get to it as soon as possible with a response” she said and I smiled.

“I will do it immediately, and will wait for your response” I said excitedly.

“Alright, I shall be waiting”


I got the response an hour later making my eyes widen as I read through the email. Having been alone for the past few days, I had to call dad to inform him of the job offer, expecting him to reject, I was actually surprised when he told me that I could go.

Dear Kiara,

We are happy to tell you that your CV has met our requirements. I will be sending you the plane tickets shortly, along with the information that you will need to know. Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport upon arrival, and he will be bringing you to the Estate.

Looking forward to meeting you.


My eyes widened as I read the email and I had to fight back screaming out of excitement as I rushed to pack my bags. I knew that England was cold compared to the States and there was always the option of me going shopping there. So, I was just going to bring my essentials and what I needed.

Putting the things on my bed, I smiled when my laptop beeped, letting me know that I got a new email, also from Delilah. Opening it, I smiled when I saw my plane tickets.

City of Departure: London, England.

City of Arrival: New York City, The United States of America.

Date of departure: 29th of October, 2021, at 12:00PM

My eyes widened when I saw that the date that it was the day after tomorrow.

This was actually happening, I was really going to the States!


I looked around the unfamiliar airport, trying to find the driver who was picking me up.

Kiara Anderson, one of the men stood holding a paper with my name on it. I smiled and walked toward him and he raised an eyebrow at me. His eyes which were as cold as ice made me take a deep breath as I ran my fingers through my blonde hair.

“I’m Kiara” I said and he nodded taking my luggage from me as he waited for me to walk with him. Guiding me to the car.

“Welcome to New York, Ms. Kiara” he said calmly and I smiled at the man. Looking around at the people who were being greeted by their family members or friends.

“Thank you…?”

“Lyov” he said introducing himself.

“Thank you, Lyov” I said smiling as he opened the car door for me. The car was standing by the door, in the VIP section where I initially got down from the plane. The flight attendant took good care of me through the flight and told me that it was Mr. Damien’s order, and I realized that whoever this man was. He must have been powerful.

“I will be dropping you to the Estate, and this is my number, Mr. Damien has assigned me to be your driver. If you wish to go anywhere, just give me a call, I’ll be at your service” Lyov said and I smiled nodding at the man. My heart racing against my chest as I anticipated what was to come. Mr. Damien hasn’t even met me yet and he was already assigning men to be at my service.

Let’s hope this goes as planned…


“You must be Kiara” a man said smiling at me. He wore a black suit, his silver-blue eyes met my green ones and I smiled at the man who nodded at me to sit on the chair in front of his desk.

“And I’m guessing you’re Mr. Aslanov” I said and he nodded. The man would be in his late forties or early fifties, but I could tell that he worked out, his muscles could be seen from under his jacket.

“Damien Aslanov, would you like to drink anything before we begin?”

“No, thank you” I said smiling politely.

“Alright, well, then let’s get to business” he said smiling. His office was grand, if I thought that arriving to the Estate made my eyes widen. His office made me want to drool. The classic chandelier, the huge window that was behind him instead of a wall. I wondered if it was initially a door, or just a window. But either way, it was dashing.

“My son tends to have a bit of an aggressive behavior, he’s been in such a state after he saw his mom’s dead body a few years ago” Mr. Damien said making my chest ache. I couldn’t miss the look of pain in his own eyes though he masked it with a smile “all I need from you is to take care of him, and keep him out of trouble”

“That shouldn’t be an issue, may I ask where he is? Or when I can meet him?” I asked.

“I’ll personally be guiding you to where he is, you’ll have four maids at your service, they are currently fixing your room, two in the morning and two at night. They’ll be working in shifts to make sure that your needs are all tended to…”

“Mr. Damien, you really didn’t have…”

“Don’t worry about it, Kiara, you just focus on your job. Let me worry about everything else, as for your payment. I’ll need you to fill your bank information, and you’d be getting fifteen thousand dollars per month…”

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked stopping the man before he even finished his sentence.

“Oh, I’m sorry, if it’s too little, we can raise the amount to a number that would suit you” he said looking me in the eye. I shook my head at the man, smiling at him. He smiled at me and nodded “come on, let me take you to meet Alessio. You two can meet up while the contract is being prepared for you”

“Thank you for this chance, Mr. Damien” I said smiling and he nodded at me not saying a word as he got up from his chair and fixed his shirt. The two of us walking out the door of his office and through the house’s halls until we stopped in front of one of the wooden doors.

“He’s in this room, I’ll be waiting out here if you need anything”

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