Chapter 5


I raised an eyebrow at Alessio’s poor attempt of scaring me.

The fact that he actually believed that he could frighten me with a single boxing match made me want to laugh. But the man didn’t know who I was, he believed that I was some psychologist that would fear getting punched by a man. However, that was nowhere near being true.

I grew up doing so many different sports that people believed that I was to end up being a professional athlete. That wasn’t the case though. Dad had made sure that I trained well, that I knew how to defend myself if needed, and that I could fight even the strongest of men. Why? Well, simply because of who he was. People, weren’t nice, at least that’s what he always told me.

He had always been protective as hell about my security and safety. I never understood why he had made sure that I trained when he always had someone behind me watching over my back, and even when I did question the fact,

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