Chapter 10


“His body was delivered, boss” one of my men, Dimitri, said as I sat in my office. Having been waiting for the news since yesterday, I wondered about his reaction. But then again he was the last man to have a reaction when it came to anything concerning anyone but himself. Dimitri has been the one to make the call to me to come to the office when he first got the news. He also knew that he couldn’t technically say it out loud, therefore, calling us here was the better option.

“Has he said anything about it? Orr was it as we expected?” I asked despite already knowing the answer. It was a case common between such men who had NO weaknesses, however, usually a the weakness would be your child. But he had proved to us years ago that he had no weaknesses toward his OWN bloodline when he called in the men to rape his daughter right in front of him.

“Not a single word, boss, at least for now” Dimitri said. I nodded dism

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