Chapter 11


To say that I was annoyed would be an understatement, first the bastard Jeremiah tried kissing me, and now this bullshit.

These men were really playing with my patience, and I didn’t like being toyed.

“By all means, Aslanov, do make your shot” I said glaring at the man who raised an eyebrow at me. Truth be told, I knew that it was risky, and I knew that it could cost my life. But I wasn’t stupid, he was well aware of the trouble that he would get into if a single hair on my head was harmed and I knew that he wouldn’t want to deal with such matters. It would simply cause him an unwanted headache.

“Really? If you’re counting on dad to stop me, then you are very wrong, malyshka” Baby girl. Alessio smirked and I laughed in a mocking manner.

“Sure, I would be counting on your father for my safety” I said sarcastically before I glared at the man “do you really believe that I’m as stupid as to count on a mafia man who I don’t know? Really, Ale

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