Chapter 19


“Sarah, which one do you suggest?” I asked the stylist walking out of my bedroom to show her the black and white scarfs. I wore a black dress, it was a long vintage one, exposing my chest and the side of my boobs. My back was also exposed as a v cut matching the one on my chest.

“I believe the black one would suit the dress more” Alessio said startling me. I jumped not knowing that he was here to begin with, and he smiled at me. Looking at the dress that I chose, I wore heels which had small zircons to add a little glow if they were exposed, and having had my nails done too. The French manicure had dried a while ago.

My blonde hair was curled neatly giving and my makeup was somewhat lighter than that girls would use in such events, but I preferred being natural. Alessio seemed to approve of the style as he nodded twice before dismissing the stylist and makeup artists who were also here.

I watched as they walked out of the su

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