Chapter 57


I woke up to find myself surrounded by people.

Their voices rang in my head despite them practically whispering.

I frowned and struggled to open my eyes only to find myself on a hospital bed, the voices belonged to Thomas, Grace, Arda, and Natasha. Alessio, Damien, and Artur were also here. However, all three men were quiet.

Alessio’s eyes had dark circles under them from lack of sleep, his expression softening when he caught my open eyes. Getting up from the couch he was sitting on, he walked toward me catching everyone’s attention before he leaned I and kissed my forehead. I could barely feel my body, but the pain that was in my chest was enough to break a grown man, and judging by Artur’s expression, he either knew the reason behind my pain, or he was feeling the same one.

Trying to sit up, Alessio softly pushed me down not allowing me to “you barely got out of surgery a few hours ago, malyshka, you need to rest&rd

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Love this family. There is really something more to this.

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