Chapter 59


The funeral happened three days after Alexandra was buried.

Alessio had made sure that everything was taken care of, and despite the pain that the family was in, the man remained as tough and strong as a lion. Alessio had made sure that Alexandra’s betrayal wasn’t mentioned anywhere, she was remembered as an Aslanov family member, a family member who wasn’t spoken about. No one outside the family members knew of what happened, and Alessio made sure to make everyone mind his limits when it came to the topic.

He would wrap his arms around me to breakdown at night. His walls falling apart for me to help him mend his broken wounds. I would admit that it hurt me seeing him in such a state, but I managed to stay strong for his sake. Ignoring the shock that I was feeling about everything that I’ve learned in a short span of time, I stood strong for my husband.

We had just arrived home and Damien walked straight to his office, Artur

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