Chapter 60


I ran my finger through my wife’s exposed thigh as she slept in my arms.

The two of us have been in mom’s study room for a while now, I had wanted to be there alone. But Kiara had refused to let me live my pain alone, she knew that I would be here to hide my pain away, and it was something that she hadn’t allowed since Alex had died.

Her and I have spent a few nights at numerous hotels in the past month, however, I knew that with us staying there, it was impossible for me to run away from the pain that I was living. Thankfully, Kiara had been supportive to me through it all.

I kissed her temple as she slept, her hand was under her head over my chest and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her looking as innocent as she did. Her angelic face relaxed despite the pain she too was in.

It amazed me how she was able to help mend my pain when she should have been focusing on her own as well. She hadn’t brought

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