Chapter 62


I had my arm wrapped around my beauty’s waist as the two of us sat on the sitting room’s couch, watching a movie.

We didn’t want to go down to the living room, knowing that everyone would be there. Therefore, we decided to stay in the sitting room that was on our floor. Having modified it recently, it was where we spent most of our time if we weren’t in the bedroom.

I kissed my beauty’s temple and she smiled looking up at me, the love bite on her neck exposed for everyone’s eyes to see, and no matter how hard she tried covering it, I didn’t allow her to. It was one of my ways of letting everyone know that she was mine, though everyone already knew that, I wasn’t concerned about the family members though.

“Alessio…” Alexei said walking up the stairs making me frown in confusion “boss wants to see you in his office”

“Who’d you kill this time?” Ki

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