The CEO's Obsession
The CEO's Obsession
Author: Nees Ticon

1- Interview

In the dark room, two beings lying on a soft bed were taking deep breaths. Scattered clothes on the floor and untidy bed were enough to tell what happened here.

"My love" The brown-haired and white girl turned her face to look at the boy lying on the bed next to her and started touching his chest lovingly.

"Don't touch me," he said, shaking her hand and getting out of bed. The girl was shocked at his reaction. He was getting dressed now.

"Whatever happened now was up to here. I don't want to see you again. Don't look at me next time; otherwise it will be very bad." He took out money from his wallet and threw it on the bed. His tone was so cold that she can’t speak anything. He turned and left. She sat there with a red face feeling insulted.


                Today was the first interview of her life and before her turn came, she had given up hope of getting this job. The other girls who were sitting next to her in the visitor's room were better than her in every way, and she had given up on them, but she still wanted to enter because she wanted to get there. Sitting in a corner of the visitors' room, she quietly listened to the words and laughter of the girls sitting around her. She herself had come only to try her luck. There was absolutely no hope that the two girls who wanted her as secretary of the firm could have her name and when she came here she was very disappointed at that time. Sitting in a corner in Room seemed to be the best example of odd one out.

Wrapping herself in a sheet up to her face and knees without any kind of make-up, she seemed to have a lot of ambience in this colorful dress and wavy ankles. Now she remembered what a mistake she had made in disobeying her aunt when she came in the morning, who was repeatedly telling her to fix her appearance before going for this kind of bubble. She insisted that she wear two straps instead of a chador and some make-up and jewelry, but did not comply. She was afraid that she would have to go so far and she would be alone and she also had in mind that she was going to a firm where there would be a majority of men. And the biggest thing was that she didn't have any hope that they would give her a job, because

Her aunt was right. This was the thought that kept coming to her mind. It was her turn. She entered with a dog's heart and trembling steps, holding the file to her chest. The atmosphere inside was enough to make her sweat cold. It was the decor of the visitor's room that impressed her the most. But this room was even bigger. As she opened the door, she saw a half-dead man sitting in a revolving chair behind a glass table. The other man was a little younger and he was sitting on one of the two chairs on the right side of the table.

“Please sit down. ” As she approached the table, the middle-aged man motioned for her to sit on the chair in front of him.

“Please show me your file.” The man sitting on the right had told her.

"Your name"

 "Romeesa Omar" She barely made a sound about it. Before he could ask another question, someone had entered the room with an open door in the left corner of the room and started operating the computer on the shelf against the wall. She could only see his back. The two men's eyes went there for only a moment and then twice their attention was drawn to it. "Your name is Romeesa and your qualification?"

 Old Man asked her the first question.

She wiped her nose or sweat from the intoxication.

"FA," she spoke in a low voice. In response, a man working on a computer turned around. But at that moment, she turned her attention to the old man.

"You have the FA. You know, we advertised for the graduates.

‘Yes’ She swallowed and answered. While working on the computer, he had turned his attention to her.

Middle-aged Man stared at her in silence for a while and then he asked. “Do you have any experience?”

"Can you operate a computer?" He asked another question. The answer was still the same. "No”

“Do you know how to type?”


“Shorthand course”


"Do you know how to handle telephone exchange?"

She answered a long line of "No" questions with a single word.

 “Then why you waste our time?” The first sentence was spoken in local language by the same middle-aged man, but this time the tone was quite sour.

She was looking at the table. Her neck suddenly began to twitch. Her color turned red from the insult.

 "Who is your favorite actor?" This time a strange voice broke the silence of the room.

She looked up at the middle-aged man, he had a smile on his face .

 Then she looked in the direction of the sound.

The computer worker was now looking at her leaning against the shelf with both arms wrapped around his chest. For a few moments she just stared at him.

He looked so beautiful in a black shirt. The seriousness of his face made it seem as if he had asked a very important question. She kept looking at him without saying anything and then she turned her head towards middle-aged man who was sitting in front of her. She did not want to answer such a question.

But the middle-aged man said.

“You answer this question.”

“Nobody” She said in a low voice.

"Why?” She looked a him again? The answer was the same. “I don't watch movies.” She said.

"Why?" This time she looked at him helplessly. But he probably didn't feel that way.

"Who is your favorite TV actor?”

"I don't watch TV."

“Why "This time the same question was repeated. She did not understand what to say. Without answering the question, she started looking at the front. But he also left his place and came forward. The middle-aged man vacated his chair for him and pulled up a chair with the other man and sat down.

"Who is you favorite author?" He asked the next question while sitting in the revolving chair instead of repeating his question.

“I i don't read books” Seeing him in front of her she was a little nervous.

“Then how do you spend your time?”

Swinging back and forth in a revolving chair, he asked the next question.  She remains silent this time.

“What do your fathers do?” This time he asked different question.

“He is dead. "

"And your mother?"

"She died many years ago."

There was no expression of regret on the man's face. There was no softening of the tone.



“Who do you live with?”

“To aunt”

"Do you know that the secretary's job is very difficult?" She looked at his face at this question. “We have provided a lot of facilities but we do not tolerate any shortcomings in the work. It also happens that even after the work Hours, there is no appearance in the office, especially when there is a deal with a foreign party and this often happens. Can you follow the schedule? ” This time she answered without any difficulty. “ No. ”

The man looked at the other two men in amazement at this answer, then turned the chair back and forth and looked at her for a while who was looking at the table again.

“If you were given a job, would you keep coming back wearing such a big sheet?”

Rumeesa looked at her opponent with some trepidation.

"No." A faint smile appeared on the man's lips, and disappeared immediately. Without saying another word, he suddenly left Chair and stood up.

“Okay fine. Appoint her and give her appointment letter. "

Without looking at her, he went to the computer after giving this instruction to the middle-aged man, and after taking out some paper from the printer, he hurriedly repented behind the open door. She kept watching him in astonishment.

“Okay fine . You sit in visiting room. After a while, your will be given your appointment letter, ”the middle-aged man told her in a changed tone. She came out in this state without asked anything. Returning home this afternoon, she did not come out of this state of bewilderment.

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