2- Come to my office

Nahil’s P.O.V.

This is the question that kept coming to his mind again and again. It was just a coincidence that the computer in his room had broken down that day and he went to his office to work on the manager's computer while they were being interviewed. A secretary was chosen for his office but he was not interested in their affairs. The manager always used to conduct interviews and appoint secretaries for different parts of the firm and he did not even complain about their selection. By the time he reached office, he needed some paperwork. He went to his office to pick them up and when he returned he was taking out some documents from the printer.

When he heard Ghafoor's questions were answered by a girl in a nervous low voice. He turned around with some interest and the girl startled him. He could not turn on the computer again. She bowed her head in embarrassment at Ghafoor's questions and kept admitting her incompetence. He couldn't keep quiet for long and he deliberately asked a very silly question. She looked at her in shock. There was a look of surprise in her eyes and the expression on her face froze Nahil Ellam for a moment. She was so beautiful and maybe there was something else in her that attracted me.

He could not stop himself from participating in the interview. He knew in that look that she was bothered by his question, but he just want to talk to her. He wanted to see her. He wanted to hear her voice. He had appointed her. After the interviews were over, Mr. Four came to him and tried to inform him of the implications of the decision, but he said it in a very calm manner. “She will learn everything. She has so much potential and she will work in my office anyway. Not even a problem for me. Don't worry.” Mr. Four did not try to say anything again. He was a wise man. He knew that this girl has been given a job because of her beauty and this was the only qualification that impressed Nahil Ellam.

He was beautiful himself and he was very fond of falling in love with beautiful things. Whether it's a girl or a shop decoration. He appreciated both in the same way. If they were in front of the eyes of then someone else would take their place. Something better than that, someone better than her.  

He was the son of Alexander. Nahil Ellam was third. Asher and Ahmar were older than him. Alexander was one of the few prominent exporters in the country. And Nahil, like his older brothers, was involved in the surgical and leather goods business with his father. He did BBA from USA and then his interest in studies was over. Alexander wanted the two to stay in the United States so that their office could be established there.

He had no interest in marriage. He considered it a futile responsibility and thought that if he married, he would only do it when a girl became so understanding that she would not try to impose unnecessary restrictions on him and let him lead his life in his own way. That is, despite being thirty-two years old, he was still not ready to marry anyone.

Alexander did not love his eldest son Asher, nor did he love his youngest son Ahmar as much as he loved Nahil. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so because he had been separated from them abroad for a long time, so they started wanting more than medicine and maybe one of the reasons was whether it was good for someone else or not, at least he was an obedient boy. He was not only obedient but also very intelligent.

Then he was so physically beautiful that he did not have to work hard to attract the opposite sex. He had many girlfriends and most of them belonged to a very good family. Alexander would not have been convinced if he wanted to marry one of them, but Nahil was in the habit of forming a temporary relationship. He did not even try to make them permanent. Whether this habit was good or bad, he did not know because he did not have to suffer from this habit. It wasn't that he had not fallen in love with anyone before, nor had it happened that he was completely caught up in the preparation of love. But this condition was very temporary, but this time it was a little different.

Rumi’s P.O.V.

She thought that going to the office on the first day would cause her many problems but nothing happened. At eight-thirty in the morning, the office car had picked her up and there was already a girl named Aafia waiting for her in the office. She worked in the computer section and took Romeesa to show her office and she was surprised to see her office, even though it was Peters Room, but if no one was there, she would be a big boss.

It had every modern facility. Sitting in a revolving chair in the air-conditioned room, she felt very confident.

"You will not work in this office with Nahil Sir. He comes to the office a little late. So you will stay with me before he comes. I will make you a little adamant about computers and taxes etc. If you handle telephone exchange, then the position is not good for you and then you are lucky that there is not much work in Nahil Sir's office. It would have been very difficult for you to come without it. In any case, you will have enough time to learn all this.”

Aafia told her everything. “Nahil Sikandar, this is my boss's name.” She thought.

 On that day, Aafia had taught her to handle only telephone amps. Sitting with her for two hours, she learned to link and D-link from the various offices of the firm and the different parts of the factory stuck to one another. Then she left her in her office. In the solitude of her office, she watched everything with great freedom. The feeling that she can use everything at will was very beautiful. Aafia had not given her any work so after looking at her office for a while, she came and sat on her chair.

Today with some courage, she even added lipstick and eyeliner to her face. Overall, she was much better than the day of the Interview. And like that day, she did not feel inferior when she saw other girls working in the firm. It was about twelve o'clock. She had been sitting in her chair for the last half hour, staring blankly at the front windows. When someone opened the door and someone rushed into office. She had seen something big and sudden. Black jeans, a white half-sleeved shirt with a royal blue pea chip tie on it, holding a briefcase in his hand, smelling the clone, the long width that was once again in front of her.

He just stood in front of her for a moment.

"So you are here, Alright. Just come into my room” He passed in front of her with a smile, opened his throat and disappeared inside. She sat silently for a few moments looking at the door. She still did not believe that he could be her boss. This was the reason that she did not move from her place, but only after a moment, the intercom started ringing.

She picked up call with bad heart.

“Miss Romeesa, Come to my office.”

“Yes Sir” She said in a low tone while nodded.

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