4- Lunch with boss

Aafia had taken a week off for her sister's wedding and Romi’s heart did not want her to go out and eat alone. She did not have much friendship with any other girl. So she thought that as many days as Aafia will not come, she will have lunch in her office. Nahil used to leave the office at lunch time, sometimes he would go to a restaurant and sometimes he would lunch in the office with his father and brothers. So Romi did not have this problem.

On that day too, as usual, Nahil had left the office before the usual lunch hour, but when he reached his car, he remembered that the he had left his mobile phones in the office. He had come upstairs to pick it up, but when he opened the door of Romi’s office to go to his office, So she had a lunch box on the table and was busy having lunch. At his unexpected arrival, She became upset. She put the sandwich in lunch box. Instead of going to his office, he stopped in front of her. "Do you have lunch here?" He asked.

I have lunch with Aafia in the cafeteria but she is on a week's leave, so I thought I'd have lunch here.” She explained.

“Come with me, we will have lunch together.” Nahil immediately offered it to her and it was as if life had left her body.

“No, thank you, but I have lunch here.” She said in a nervous tone but Nahil was not affected.

“No . You have to lunch with me. Let me get my cell phone.” He did not accept her denial. He went to his office and returned after a moment. "OK Lets Go," he said as he arrived.

“I'm not hungry now. I had my lunch. I will not go. ”She tried to resist. But on the other hand, there was no effect.

“No more lies. You just get up I don't like that kind of false excuse. "

This time he said sternly and she could not resist. After all, he was her boss. After closing her lunch box, she picked up the bag and stood up. Nahil, seeing the expression on her face, was well aware of her heart condition, but still he was determined to take her with him. When she got up, he stepped forward and opened the office door for her. After coming out, walking behind Nabil, her heart wanted to cry. It was as if every look at her was blaming her. Silently they walked to the parking lot.

Nahil sat in the driver's seat and opened the front seat door for her. She stood in a state of helplessness for a few moments, but he was definitely not paying attention to her, instead he was starting the car. Taking a sip of poison, she sat on the front seat.

“Where will you have lunch?” She wanted to say no again, but she did not say.

“Do not know . I didn't go to any restaurant either. "

"Okay, then I'll take you to the place of my choice.” He said. There was silence for a while and then he had intended to talk.

"How do you feel about your job?"

"its fine," she said, staring at the dashboard. Nahil frowned at her answer.

"Is that just fine?" His tone was questionable.

"I mean good.” She tried desperately to compliment him.

"And how is your boss?" He asked this question very seriously. Romi turned her head to look at him. She didn't know what to say.

 "Did I ask you something?" The question was repeated with the same seriousness. Romi looked at him again but he was driving very seriously looking at the windscreen.

"He is good" he said.

“Just good? ”He said aloud. Nabil expected her to change that statement too, but he was surprised when she was silent. A faint smile appeared on his lips.

"Very well." He said under his lips and then took a look at her. Instead of looking at in front or outside, she was staring at her hands on her lap. He did not address her again. There was no conversation between the two until they reached the restaurant.

Nahil had said as soon as he took menu card.

"What would you like to eat?"

"Anything.” She answered.

"Anything" Nahil repeats her sentence.

"All right, then I order the lunch of my choice." He glanced at the main card and written a few shenanigans of his choice. When waiter left, he starts looking at her. She looked more nervous than before.

Instead of staring at the beautiful surroundings, she stared at the candle stands on the tables. He watched her for a while. Then he slowly picked up the candle from the stand table. Romi's eyes followed the candle stand until it came into his hands. Then she looked at him in surprise. Then he calmly placed the candle stand on the floor and then sat down at the table without saying anything as satisfactorily as before. She stared at the table in embarrassment for a while but did not try to look at anything permanently. After few moments, she was looking at the bag in her lap.

Nahil had taken a deep breath. At least he couldn't remove bag out of it. The waiter came to serve Soft Drink and took the candle stand at the request of Nahil. "Drink." He had gestured to the waiter to leave and asked her to start drinking. After taking a sip, she had engaged in old activities.

“Aren't you having a drink?” Shortly after, Nabil had told her.

 “I will drink.” The answer was given in a rather low voice without looking at him.

He quietly took Drink's sip and watched her. Except for the first sip, she hadn't touched the glass again. She could feel his eyes and she did not dare to look up. Nahil had not addressed her again till the Lunch Serve. After that, he addressed her again.

“You get started.” He sat down at the table with great satisfaction and waited for her to start eating. Romi looked up and saw him then glanced at the table. With great courage she took out some rice from the plate placed in front of her.

Seeing her start, Nahil also moved his plate forward. Then the whole time she kept moving spoon in the rice. She was probably determined not to eat anything. He asked her two or three times for something else. But when she just started spending time putting these things on the plate, Nahil had given up his insistence. After lunch, he glanced at her plate. With great patience he asked her.

“Will you eat Ice cream?”

“I don't eat ice cream” She left the spoon and pushed the plate back with her hand.

“Would you like some tea?”




“Anything else?”


"All right.” Nahil had asked the waiter to bring the bill. The return journey also took place in this silence, but now it could be more than before. For Nahil, this was the worst lunch of his life he had ever had with a girl. She hadn't even tried to look at his face once in an hour and a half. She was upset or scared. He couldn't guess it but he must have known that she did not like to come with him to the lunch and maybe this was a way of stacking her dislike. But he was disturbed by her. When they came back, he said to Romi.

“I’ll give you fifteen minutes to have lunch.”

Romi could not figure out whether he was angry or not, however, after that he did not try to offer her a lunch. Protection Status