Chapter 2

For the past few days, I mourned and whimpered to my sorrows as she suffered from being unable to touch the ones she loved. As she was now desperately in need of help and refuge, she sought the voice once more and pleaded as it mentioned something about a “mission” and the thing she desired most at the moment. 

“Hey, whoever you are, answer me. If I do what you want, will you get me back to my own body ?”

I asked, swirling around in circles in hopes that the mysterious voice would answer it. Fortunately, it appeared willingly for the second time in the form of a woman with white robes and white silk that covered her face entirely. The presence became intimidating as it was rendered speechless by its appearance. 

‘Alright, I will help you out whoever you may be ..but you must fulfill your end of the bargain’

It didn’t take long, and yet I am now feeling an entirely new body in which it regained its vision, which was blurry still. Adjusting to its surroundings, fully awake I was scanning through the surrounding area seeing the ceiling, which looked cramped and a soaking feeling beneath my chin. 

“Where am I?”

whispered from the back of my mind, completely confused about the current turn of events. I thought maybe perhaps I was in a daydream or a very long dream waiting for my time to come and make my way towards the gate of heaven or hell. The constant thinking made my headache as no one had the answers I seek that time, yet I only speaks to myself blindly. Soon, there was someone who entered the wooden vehicle. 

“It was for a moment but I knew something felt different. It's a good thing I checked earlier ''

I am reborn into another dimension that the voice had mentioned earlier. The other lights that I saw were different dimensions of the world we lived in which I am unaware of myself. At first glimpse, one could notice that there was something off about it, with its distinguished features distorting itself and the cracks at each doorway. As the child was lost in thought, the person who entered the carriage as she thought was one of her acquaintances dressed in clothing that people use for cosplaying. Fortunately, some fragments of the memories of this body were still intact that I can recognize this kid even if it was my first time meeting him. 

“What are you looking at? Get your ass up and help us prepare the food and set up camp”

He said as he took the tray he was holding down and slid next to me, assuming it was my breakfast for that day. It only consists of one loaf of bread and mushroom soup. Without further question, I am really in another world. Maybe I got knocked out pretty bad that I was dreaming a fantasy world where carriages and demi-humans exist. As I continue to gather information for the sake of this mysterious timeline, I came across the understanding that I am not dreaming. It has been 3 days since I have come to this world, I managed to try and convince myself that I was just in a long dream or like a coma but it was not working. The first day I thought that after sleeping on the rock-solid ground inside the tent, I would magically wake up to the real world. But that is not the case at all, and so up to this day, I am still finding ways to persuade myself that everything will be back to normal until a certain incident happens that I could not explain at all on my own.

“Alright attention! There will be a grand festival in the next kingdom we will perform. The king himself asked us this grand favor to be of entertainment for him. You lots shouldn’t screw this up, understand?”

The bulky man stood up front, as he looked like the ringleader of this place. Everyone was on edge by his words which sounded firm and absolute law. His words are the main rules of this place. And while we were traveling, the other ladies had come to fix me up beautifully. Although in my opinion, there is no way that I could be more beautiful than I am myself. 

“There, you’re all dolled up now”

Says the woman who just finished doing my hair up and sticking all sorts of ornaments and beads over my face and hair. Afterwhich, the other lady gave me this weird costume in which they both are wearing. This is not some ordinary entertainer’s camp but this perhaps is widely known as one of those traveling stars or something as I thought. And while I was lost in my thoughts, the two seemed to be having fun dressing me up. I felt a little chill behind me and the next thing I know, this dress has so many fucking windows to reveal my fats and it’s even in those areas where I hid them well under baggy clothes and loose jeans. 

“Oh my, look at our pretty Ivy. No one could compare to your fitting figure as the next star dancer of our troupe!”

The two young ladies held a large mirror in front of me and with bewilderment, I was in utter shock when I looked at my reflection for the first time since I woke up in this mysterious place. And the name they call me feels awkward hearing it, this person I’m in was called Ivy Etoile and based on her memories, she is good at dancing and was always praised by her seniors for her diligence and flexibility. She has crimson red hair, with its length around her waist, and deep green emerald eyes that shine brightly like gems.

“T-thank you..”

I said, stuttering at the appearance before me with awe and glistening eyes.

“Is this...really me?”

I would murmur to myself, realizing at that moment that I was a different person as soon as I stepped foot into this other dimension. The memories of my past life are still intact but they are mixed in with the owner of this body which occasionally gives me a headache. Right there where I stood, my chest felt heavy as I cried in tears that the two who appeared to be admiring my beauty shifted into worried and anxious faces. It lasted for a while, and then Emma came inside to console me afterward.

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