Chapter 3

“you’re such a cry baby as always Ivy”

This voice, it’s Emma’s! She is Ivy’s friend growing up in this place. They both met here after losing their parents and had each other’s backs as they grew up together around 6 years in counting. If I am correct in calculating, I am now 18 years old only a few months ahead of her. She went inside the tent and hugged me tightly as I calmed down and explained to her what happened, a plausible excuse leaving out the important details of my past life of course. I decided that I could only trust myself and no one else.

“Sorry and thank you as always Emma”

Soon the carriage had arrived at the gate and entrance of the empire in which we are invited to perform. As a custom tradition of the kingdom, only the ringleader and his fellow companionship are allowed to have an audience with the king. 

Dale, the leader of the small group, showed the royal seal that has been stamped into the invitation letter as a passage and the small wood-like plaque to the guards and eventually let us pass by.

“We’re here, quickly set up the stage. I want it up when I come back then we’re having dinner after. Tomorrow is the day of the festivities to celebrate the birth of the crown prince”

That is what he said before leaving us there, setting everything up. When I looked up above, all I ever saw was the vast amount of clear white sky. It was a perfect day to take a stroll and relax underneath the shades of a tree where the warm breeze touches one’s skin in a field of grass.

“Hey stop daydreaming there and help us unpack these stuff”

Emma brutally smacked the back of my head as she carried along with her some cloaks and other materials in setting up their booth. In all the stalls that are there, theirs was the most extravagant one where the king personally sent them an invite through his messengers after hearing the marvelous performance they did in the last empire they attended.

Soon, Dale and the others came back and all the staff had their dinner together inside a large tent set up just next to the stage. Tonight was said to be the last preparation for tomorrow’s celebration and so Dale told us to save up energy for the grand opening tomorrow as they welcome the knights who were expected to return from their victorious expedition.

Emma and I, rehearsed for the opening dance together with the other ladies all dolled up to impress the nobles and most importantly, the king himself and other members of the royal family.

“I wonder how the royal family looks like”

“Isn’t it obvious enough? Of course, they’re gorgeous! I heard the crown prince has this radiance that shines brighter than the sun and melts the eyes of the young ladies”

“Isn’t it the same with the knights? I wouldn’t mind being escorted by one if I happen to have a chance”

“Oh my, you all are a bunch of newbies. Don’t you know that the appeal of a mysterious mage is more than enough to be grateful for? Imagine a night full of excitement and magic”

Oh man, even in this world you really can’t get rid of human nature and habits huh. I was not surprised that girls in this world are also fangirling with handsome-looking men. I mean, don’t we all? I started to chuckle and then finally caught my attention this familiar description of my favorite mage character in one of the books I used to read a lot. It was titled, ‘The Four Rose and the Butterfly’ which was a romance fantasy visual novel well known to women and teenagers in my world. I remember keeping the book in the center of my collection and the book mark’s tail which was one of its merch and other stuff I bought as I got addicted to the story and the different routes when I read them. 

“Hey, I will go help gather the other kids back to the tent, they told me earlier to come to fetch them up as soon as the sunsets. I’ll be back before the performance I promise”

“Okay, make sure to bring those triplet rascals here okay and be on time”

Emma said as I don't have anything in mind to wander off to an unfamiliar place anyway. I tried calling out their names and thankfully I caught them playing just nearby an alleyway. 

“Hey you dimwits what are you doing--ack- Oh I’m sorry”

“Ah no no, it was partly my fault. Are you alright?”

My eyes widened as I lifted my head to see who was the person that I bumped into the crowd. It was a face as radiant and beautiful as a sculpted statue, and beside her was a mysterious-looking man which resembled a lone wolf, his demeanor exudes this familiar aura for me like I have known him for a while even though it was my first time seeing them both. Strangely they felt a familiar presence to me that I clenched my hand near my chest as I felt a little pain throbbing inside my chest. 

“Let’s go”

Says the man who pulled the woman’s wrists as if to protect her from any harm, I was somewhat speechless standing there, and only was I awoken when one of the kids pulled my sleeves.

“Hey ugly just standing there makes you, even more, uglier than usual”

With disgust, the kids teased me more and more that I got roped up into their little game.

“Alright enough playtime or Dale will come to get you himself”

As we came back, I was lost in thoughts and let the kids go on before me. Unfortunately, it was not the same with me since there’s a sudden swarm of people that happened to crowd the streets and welcome the knights and the return of the crown prince.

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