Chapter 4

“Damn it”

I cursed to myself, thinking that I would get killed, and receive so much nagging from both Dale and Emma when I come back. I continued to blame myself and started to think quickly of a plan to pass through the parade.

In the end, I never had anything planned and ended up waiting for the parade to finish so I could quietly pass-through by myself

As the parade went on, I could see the triplets just across the street and signaled them to send word and go on ahead of me, ‘I’ll be fine so cover for me and go on, I mouthed to them hoping they understood what I meant.

I couldn’t just stand still there so I moved quickly, shifting to the side making my way back to the alley where I caught them playing. I asked a bunch of people for some shortcuts but they ignored me as they looked at me with disgust and full of scowling faces as if I am a dirty rugrat.

“Alright there’s no other choice but to climb up and jump from the roof”

I said to myself as I began to cheer myself, feeling determined that I could do it smoothly. However, as I tried to take my foot up and climb a guard suddenly appeared and suspected me to be an assassin that would harm the prince. Damn, are the people of this kingdom narrow-minded to the point that they just suspect someone?

“I'm not so sure if that is the safest way~”

“I wouldn’t know if I don’t try it myself anyway”

Unconsciously, I talked back at the voice which came from an unknown direction. It was late when I realized that no one was there but me. Then a strange dark silhouette appeared, looming its shadow over me that I lost my focus into climbing and misstepped into something. This is fine, ‘I will only get my ankle sprained anyway but then I can’t dance for the performance later tonight’ I thought to myself trying to be positive.

It was then when I instinctively closed my eyes and clenched my fists as I waited for the impact of the ground before me. If I am correct, I should be on the ground now but why am I not feeling anything?

“This piglet sure is squealing a lot”

The man said as he lifted his finger, flicking as a small light glows. I was in his arms for a brief moment and yet I realized and stopped squirming landing on my feet not long after a few seconds.

"Oh thank goodness. Miss, are you alright? I guess we bump into each other quite often today huh. Hopefully, third time’s the charm"

Now that I had a good look at both of them, the man's cloak began to slip and the first thing I noticed was his hair color which was a platinum silver, a mole underneath his eye that gives off a sexy visual and most important of all was his crimson red eyes piercing through one's gaze beautifully. I was in utter shock that made me speechless in which moments later uttered a familiar name that came across the back of my mind.


I spoke to myself uttering softly as the lady next to me had her eyes widened. Another person who was familiar as well wondering where I'd seen her, I got lost in my thoughts once more. 

"You..who are you and what was that you speak of?" 

He asks but then it was cut off when suddenly the triplets came over to my rescue. They were huffing and catching their breath as if they ran miles for their lives.

"Hey ugly! Let's go! Dale is super mad right now you're in big trouble" 

One of them shouted from the distance, I had never once been scared of my life and this was the first for me. As the memories emerged from the previous owner of this body. Dale is like a silent monster with his passive-aggressive remarks especially when he's angry.

"Ah- miss, sir I am sorry for this incident so let me repay you next time. Best of luck to both of us as well for the third meeting! Make sure to watch the big stage at the center plaza later too! Thank you and goodbye!"

And with that, we four came back with our ears getting ripped out by Dale's scolding. Thankfully, there was nothing else aside from that incident that day. When the next performers are us, we got ourselves ready and tidied up. I was wearing gypsy clothing where it almost revealed too much of my skin. 

Never in my entire life have I worn clothes like this, I was deeply flustered wondering how they could walk and dance freely like this with uncomfortable clothing. 

Don't they know how to be conservative? I grumbled to myself over and over and yet nothing had changed even if I did it for eternity complaining to Emma and the others. They were surprised as well thinking I was being weird all of a sudden.

Leaving the unwanted thoughts behind, I managed to perform well in front of many people. Thanks to the skills and talent of this young lady ivy, I was saved by her mere guts and memories that time. I never would have thought dancing would make me feel free and refreshing. My body is as light as a feather as I went on my way and danced in front of everyone and the royal family.

The King and the townsfolk applauded after we danced for them. I could also see the prince from afar. However, I couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity as well. He has golden hair and deep blue eyes, certainly fitting a royal member and a common protagonist of cliche novels I've read. 

"Haaa...this is making me crazy. I'm really one of that reincarnated characters into some kind of isekai genre"

As I deeply sighed, the fireworks started to light up the sky as the signal of the closing ball that evening. I was dumbfounded when I saw the floor filled with nobles dancing with their beloved and partners. It was a festive night which I could not forget until I saw the prince striding across the middle, holding a young lady's hand to ask her hand in dancing. 

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