Chapter 5

“so, what’s up with you? It’s like you saw some brand new toy while your eyes keep shining”

Emma was behind me while I was looking from afar. It was one of the romantic scenes I’ve read in this novel series. Though I am still biased with the second lead, I cannot say that I don’t think these scenes are necessary. After all,  it’s what the author and readers wanted to witness.

“Girl, you shouldn’t go for his highness, you will only receive heartbreak. I heard many noble ladies keep approaching him but look at that. Isn’t it a rare scene?”

Excuse me !? I was not into the prince, to begin with, also I don’t like goody-two-shoes like him. He keeps flirting around until Clarissa comes into the picture because of the first time he got rejected by a girl like her.

Yes, Clarissa Mei Tart was from a distant noble family, basically a country bumpkin who has strong opinions of her own. I might say that I like her personality since it was refreshing. She isn’t the innocent damsel in distress type but the thing is…

She is super CLUMSY and DENSED to the point that this confession scene was necessary only for her to know the prince’s true feelings. I feel bad and sympathetic to his highness, prince Arwin Gale lischbert. So NO, I am not crushing over him. I am more of the rebel and gangster type when it comes to guys considering how my personality works well with them. [Has only been cheated and used by past lovers] 

“Whatever, come on let’s go and dance. It’s a festival after all and no one says the same gender is not allowed to be paired”

I said convincingly to Emma, I held her hand and swayed smoothly into the rhythm with her while my body freely moved on its own accord. It wasn’t in my intention to get close to them REALLY but it happened so I guess this is just my luck?

Little did I know, the couple is so close to me. I could hug and strangle them both easily remembering what it took for them to have a happily ever after while people around them suffered great loss.

“Oh- it’s time to switch partners”

When I spun around to switch, it was to my surprise that it was now a man. And not only that it was a man, but it was the second lead character SEAN!? 

“Oh my god. Is it you again? And I thought it was a lucky charm when I see you both again but…”

There was this awkward atmosphere around him, and what’s more, I know the reason why. It is his killing intent towards the prince! Oh man, no wonder I was feeling anxious this whole time the moment I met the two of them.

“So it seems piglet”

“I have been wondering this since earlier but, why am I being called a piglet?”

Simply because you’re ugly and heavy. Who would have known that a lady like you could weigh more than me? I have to use magic just to lift these arms”

The great mage twirled me around into a soft spin (surprisingly) as if he was playing with a new toy, I was getting dizzy that I had to lean towards him for support. I accidentally tripped into Clarissa's gown causing me to slide and lean over to sean. Not just that, but instead of gracefully landing and accepting defeat

My hand just had to pull a few of his hair strands which were beautifully tied up in a bun. This is the end, I am now doomed. To begin with, I don't even know how I will last in his hands while knowing his personality among the other characters.


Clenching my eyes, I realized the incident seems to happen often lately. Deja vu? Slowly opening my eyes, there is a gorgeous specimen in front of my face, his eyes became clear to see, like rubies attached to a porcelain skin of his. I could feel my heart beating loudly inside my chest

And so as soon as I regained my senses, I pushed him away and stepped back from him quickly. I could feel my face getting flustered and I looked around removing myself from the scene. I scanned for the crown prince and the lady Clarissa he was with.

Thankfully, I saw them in the garden maze nearby. I sneaked up behind them leaving the plaza quietly. I know this is unusual behavior, to begin with, but it is a first that the previous owner of this body and my thoughts are syncing. As a spectator(stalker) I have to witness this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

"What are you doing, piglet?"

This familiar voice, tone, and pitch. And just as I was about to turn my head around, I instinctively pulled him by the collar and hid behind the wall bush with him. It was none other than Sean, the sexy, tyrant baddie mage. I forgot, he was the meddling type of character once he took interest in something or someone, and then he would instantly leave them once his thirst for curiosity had been quenched.

“Just be quiet and stay still”

I held him near me and covered his eyes and mouth just in case, but then this rascal just had to lick my palm that I squealed, creating an ungraceful sound which alerted the two’s attention towards us.

“Lady Clarissa, I love you-”

Ah, this agony, why does it not go as the novel was supposed to be? I am so dead now, not only that, I may be beheaded as well since there are two men here enough to kill me with their good looks and perfectly sculptured bodies.

“Who’s there?”

sheathing his sword, I guess it’s time for me to reveal myself and properly apologize to the crown prince for eavesdropping. I released Sean immediately but suddenly my vision became blurry and the next thing I know, I was in Sean’s arms again!? Wait a minute, and why do I feel fur around me?

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