Chapter 6

“Pardon me your royal highness it seems to be that my darling little piglet had been running around carelessly that I have to personally tend to it”

Piglet? WTF? Did he just turn me into an animal? Are you f*cking kidding me?

“Oink oink oink…”

Yes, that is me, complaining to him while he held me into his arms with ease and satisfaction. His grinning face really annoys me right now, if only he isn’t my bias I would be simping for other characters.

The crown prince and the lady Clarissa were there standing dumbfounded by the fact that they did not expect Sean to immediately come out from hiding. Though, maybe this was a good thing since it was my initial goal to stop Sean from witnessing the confession and leave the two alone. I also thought of comforting him after his miserable unrequited love for the heroine but everything turned out differently than in the novel. 

“Oh, I haven’t seen you in a while, great mage Sean. what brings you here?”

The crown prince spoke after he saw the royal mage who happens to be in the same area as him, holding a small creature in his arms. He was utterly speechless at the sight with a mixture of confusion as if asking 'what is he doing there?'.

"oh, my! your highness, I was just strolling around when I happened to find this adorable little piglet roaming the garden. Pardon me for being rude, I must be of great disturbance to both of you"

Sean swiftly bent over forward to show his sincereness when he apologized to both the crown prince and lady Clarissa standing there. I on the other hand could not even speak for myself because of my form. Damn this mage, if you just didn't have a pretty face and are biased, I'm going to punch you right now.

"very well, I think it is best if we continue this at another time"

the prince Arwin said as he bid his farewell with a gentle kiss on the lady's hand, he passed by sean quietly and shortly reunited with the palace's guards that were on standby looking over at him secretly a few distances from the maze garden itself

"oink oink oink-.." 

'ah, I wonder when will he change me back to normal' Clarissa had been staring at me this whole time with her eyes glistening like she wanted to touch me all over and pet me.

"what were you two talking about then?"

"oh nothing much, I don't get to hear what he has to say to me because you came along in the middle with your pet. I didn't know you have such an adorable one beside you"

Clarissa you dumb pumpkin, take a hint already and leave quickly so I could gobble his face up for turning me into this hideous thing. It's disgusting seriously, he could have turned me into a cute cat or a hamster, why a PIG!?

"oh no, it seems like I wasn't in the best mood. Forgive me milady I must tend to its needs quickly"

he quickly took a step back when Clarissa was about to take me in his arms, a gentle spark enveloped the two of us as we swiftly vanished from the grounds and now landing on top of the magic tower where he resides.

Thankfully, I am saved once again thanks to my darling sean who took care of things while I am still in my creature form. However, I will not forgive him for turning me into this! This is very insulting for a lady such as myself

I looked above him while he held me in his arms tenderly, I could see his face clearly under the moonlit night. His features are there as a perfect sculptured art but his expression speaks volumes of how he longed from lady Clarissa’s love and affection alone. I could tell that he cherishes her deeply, after all, she was his first love according to the novel.

“Oink oink..”

‘Just find another woman to love and live peacefully far far away. You will feel much better and at ease’

Although I can’t comfort him like a human being, I just gently tapped my piggy arms on his hand and rubbed my short stout on it as well. This isn’t too much but I hope you’d cheer up a bit, you’re a gorgeous being with overwhelming talent and skills I’m sure you’ll find someone that will suit you too.

He curled up his lips into a smile,  slightly holding me tightly in his arms as we flew up the sky and landed into one of the house's rooftops. Where we could see the view of the town and its people from above.

The fireworks display was splendid as well, though I could see the loneliness in Sean's eyes as if he longs for someone else. It would have been better if he turned me back into my human form. this rude punk of a magician

"Oops haha sorry, I'll return you to your owner now. Next time we meet again you'll be mine piglet" 

He says with a devilish grin that I could almost feel the back of my spine shivering. The spell wore off and as I was enveloped by the blue radiant light, he leaned towards me and whispered to my ears gently.

"See ya"

I don't care honestly but. He could at least let me down the solid ground instead of leaving me here on top of a building all alone. I don't know how to get down by myself you know!

But before my complaints reached him, he vanished into thin air using a portal, and just like that, I was left there all alone confused and terrified of the next storm that would come my way.

Thank goodness someone was kind enough to lend me a ladder and a hand. Who else would be there, it's Emma! We talked about a lot of things during the night of the festivities and she was a great listener although she laughed at me the entire time I was telling her everything that happened to me. This damn brat has no sympathy towards me, seriously.

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