Chapter 7

"You brat, I can at least expect a bit of sympathy from a friend. All you do is laugh at me from the moment I opened my mouth and told you everything"

I and Emma are taking our breaks in between during the festivities, and if my memory is correct this is the time where the female lead and the crown prince decided to have their share of their moment in strolling around freely.

Sean? Well, I don't know where the hell he was in this timeline, but I bet he's still as handsome as ever! How could the female lead don't see his gorgeous looks and longing eyes of affection? If it were me, I would rather be with Sean than the playboy crown prince.

As I started grumbling to myself, Emma and I stumbled across a booth where we shot small ammo towards the bucket where the prize was on top of it. This scene is kinda a cliche thing in most romance movies and novels. But, not today since I don't have anyone special anyway. Besides, it's best to hand the cute prizes to the kids back at the tent. Maybe that way I could win their affection at last and they would stop calling me 'ugly' for a change.

"Hello, Missy, wanna try your luck?"

the vendor asked, grinning at me like an old geezer. Ha! I know what you're thinking. Is it impossible for a frail-looking human girl such as myself to win? you are gravely mistaken, sir! I have lived my life gaming and going to arcades whenever I have to vent out my stress from my bossy superior. It will be your unlucky day today!

After a while…

Why the heck can’t I shoot one? This cheating sleazebag! I swear there’s something off from the start when I saw his face. Damn it this old geezer, if only I knew this sooner then all of my gold coins would have been worth to buy something instead of wasting in this game I can never win

“Oh look! So that’s why it won’t fall off? It was nailed on top of the bucket so it won’t fall”

And so the great mage shows up again where I least expected it. I am not so surprised now as I am the first time since he frequently does this any time of the day now. After all, he's the great mage of the kingdom so it’s normal to expect the unexpected. But what I anticipate most of all is his gorgeous specs that always make my day whenever I’m blue or upset. As expected from the second male lead of the story

In the end, Emma handled it more outstandingly than I would, with the little help of Sean backing her up. The vendor agreed in handing over the prizes that should have been to the other kids and us included and all was settled peacefully. Sean may be indifferent and sly but he does the righteous things as his good point and he has a soft spot for children. I know this because every detail he has I know it all myself as being his simp for the longest time.

“Miss Emma, may I borrow your friend here for a while? We have an important matter to discuss if you mind?”

His lips curled up into a gentle smile which, apparently effortlessly, had swooned my friend Emma there and agreed to his ridiculous request. I don’t even know what I did wrong or if I had a debt to repay him. And for some reason, I feel like there is something up his sleeves this time when he especially asked Emma to be alone with me as if we have some urgent matter to discuss. I was in my defense mode from the moment we are alone, though I expected him to pull me aside in an empty alleyway.

“Pardon me sir mage. But I don’t recall us having an unfinished conversation from yesterday”

“Pfft no we don’t but I do owe you a huge one for turning you into an animal against your will and with that...”

He paused for a moment before holding out his hand to me as if he was offering a grand gesture. He kissed the back of my hand that made my face burn that I could feel myself blushing by his gesture.

I could feel like I just exploded from what he's doing to me right now. I could die a second time at this rate if he continues to do this.

"Oh? What a cute reaction. Your face is as red as a tomato and your nose is even bleeding"

I was speechless as if my tongue was caught at the back of my throat, unable to utter a word to him.

"I was wondering if you could accompany me to this last ball that will be held on the last day of the festival"

I instinctively wiped down my nose and all of his words sunk into my head almost immediately. At that moment I didn't realize that my world would drastically change because of his simple invite. I took both his hands and squeezed them tightly, as my eyes started to sparkle looking straight towards him. And without hesitation, I answered him fast with an aggressive nod.

"Yes! I'd love to go to the ball with you"

It was for a short moment but I saw his face gleam with pure laughter and joy for the first time. It wasn't his usual facade, but a genuine one that was rarely seen by everyone except for the female lead, Clarissa.

We spent the rest of my day off with him and we played lots which made me wonder if he's also free. Don't royal mages have more work than usual if there's a festival and there's a lot of outsiders gathering in the festival? I asked myself wondering about things I shouldn't be concerned with. In the end, it was such a wonderful and exciting free time I had that day

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