Chapter 9

"Piglet, why are you here? What if someone were to steal a dance from you? I'd be extremely troubled you know"

Sean began to fake his tears as if he sounded like he was crying only to tease me some more. Deep inside I knew what he meant, he just finds it annoying to dance with lots of women who squeal every time they have the smallest chance and brag about it to society.

"Oh come on, I know that's not what you meant. Besides, it was my mistake in the beginning after getting dragged here by the princess so that he could actually have his chance to confe--"

I was taken aback as I realized what I was rambling on about. Taking a slight glance at Sean's expression, I was shocked to see his calm and expressionless face while he stared at me talking.  Realized I was being too informal in my way of speaking that it is punishable by the death sentence in this timeline. Come to think of it, ever since meeting this warlock, my unexpected life as a side character began to turn around in another situation after the other. I should be only an inspector among the readers. Well, in this case, a watcher among the audience, and all I need to achieve is a pair of 3D glasses, a comfortable seat, and a popcorn snack.

“Hm? What was that you’re trying to say now?”

He asks with a gentle voice, narrowing his eye and looking down at me with an unusual gaze. His lips curled up into a small smile which was described in the novel as one in a million chance that could move mountains and destroy empires of the state. Wait a minute, speaking of one in a million, I have to hurry and see for myself if the male and female lead already sealed their love for one another. If not, then I still have a chance to meddle and be the fairy god-mother for sean and have his happy ending with lady Clarissa

“Huh? What? Oh, it’s nothing I just wonder if there is still a carriage available since I need to buy some souvenirs for the young children back at camp. So if you’ll excuse me, sir”

I said as an excuse and bent my upper body, into paying respects to him at least to be a proper lady and to display proper etiquette for once. Not receiving proper education about this is dangerous in front of an official, let alone the royal family and their mage who is known to be second in power.

“If you’ll excuse this humble peasant, your grace..”

“I will escort you there. It’s already dark and you’re a lady, it would hurt a gentleman’s pride if his offer will be refused by this humble peasant as we speak. No?”

“I strongly and respectfully refuse your offer, my lord. How could this lowly commoner accept his grace’s kindness without anything in return”

“But I insist, and you can offer something else in return for the favor as some kind of assistance. If that is all your worries root from then shall we go?”

I think I just reap what I sow after all. Trying to reason out with a fox-like tyrant mage is such a headache, I am applauding myself for going this far conversing with him and his non-sense arguments that hit critical points as the conversation goes on. As expected of the second male lead, his persistence and determination I admire as well as the male lead.

To be completely honest, I just wanted to witness how far did the plot go and to where should I stand from now on. Ever since the attempted confession, the plot has been turning in a weird direction. Instead of me, the female lead having a moment with sean on the dance floor it was ME

I went by the street to fetch a carriage myself. With the sudden yank of my arm, sean pulled me beside him and spoke in a soft tone

“Wh-what is it? I was trying to fetch us a carriage”

“Hm, I have a better mode of transportation than a carriage”

Pulling away from his arms, it felt awkward on my side since there is too much skinship. Did the author create her characters as individuals without personal privacy? without batting an eye, sean took out a piece of old paper. There was a drawing of a pentagram in red ink, I vividly remember that the person I am with has the capability and a very good means of transportation

“Ah I see”

Sean had this puzzled expression written all over his face as if he was dumbfounded by the fact that I was not surprised by the magical item he held in his hand giving it to me recklessly. I will not get discovered no matter what you think!

“I have heard of these magic scrolls when strolling down the night market. It’s quite popular but it’s a rare find that it costs too much even for someone like me”

I give up, I cannot lose him this way so I might as well think of something else quickly thank lead him to his misery. Think, think think!

And after a lot of thinking and squeezing my brain a lot. I finally thought of something to divert, but then I returned to thinking that place once again!? Now, the old paper split in half just in time which was also just my unlucky night.

After a few moments, we arrived at the royal palace's garden, where the second confession according to the novel takes place. If I remember correctly, at this time around Arwin already confessed to lady Clarissa and was about to kiss her.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god! This is it! I could fangirl now! Though I can feel a menacing and cold glare behind my back for some reason.

“Piglet, is this the thing you wanted to do? Eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation?”

“Uh oh..”

Now, the purging begins...I am so doomed if I don’t get out of this alive.

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