Chapter 10

I suddenly felt faint, as my hands began to freeze as well as my numbing head. It was a weird feeling that I thought I would reach my second death now. Sean’s voice was trembling, calling me out in the open with that disgusting and unbefitting nickname he had for me. But what can I do? I think I’ve grown fond of it along the time we spent together. Besides, It’s a dream come true to see my favorite bias character and even be called by his not so pretty “nickname”.

After that incident, I woke up after 3 days as per sean who occasionally visits my chambers. As far as I could recollect, I am in the royal palace’s guest wing. The room was filled with white curtains and red frills sticking out from the sheets and silk cloths which looks expensive enough to cost me a few months’ rent in my previous life.

“You’re up piglet?”

Ah, I missed this voice. Never in my wildest dreams, I would hear it again after what happened. Half of my upper body rose from the bed and sit up comfortably to respond with the young, handsome mage beside me. He looked worried but at the same time, his indifference and foxy attitude were buried behind his usual mask of expressions.

“Yes, your grace. What happened?”

Before he could utter his words in response to my question, a loud bang coming from behind him came rushing in with the palace maids and the main person behind it all came rushing in a blink of an eye. It was lady Clarissa, full of tears filled with joy and a mixture of worry and anxiousness. 

The lady went in, of course with her leading man behind his royal highness Kyle who waved at the servants and knights to stand guard outside the room. I don’t remember what happened to those two after I fainted but if I have to roughly guess the situation. I think there isn’t any progress at all with them both

“Oh my lord. Thank God you’re awake Ivy! Please don’t ever do this again”

“Perhaps it is best for the lady to be resting. The important thing is that she is alright. My lady if you need anything, kindly tell the maids or sean here for immediate treatment”

Ah, as expected of the male lead of this story. Kyle is just so charming, sweet, and caring. The way he holds my hand, the sweet gestures. Although he is the male lead, my bias remains to be the cheeky fox and pretty boy magician Sean Ary Castielo. I went to dreamland once again forgetting that I was holding onto Kyle’s hand. 

At one point I saw him, blushing from his cheeks up to his ears. What is he? one of those shoujo mangas leads now? Isn’t he supposed to be the playboy of the royal family? And why is Clarissa not doing anything but staring with a dumb expression on her face? Why am I suddenly getting the chills from Sean’s direction!?

“Ahem! Like you said prince, pigl- I mean my lady Ivy.. needs to get some rest so she could recover quickly”

“Ah! Right right. Well then we will leave you be” the prince said, taking my hand and gently placing a kiss at the back of my fingertips

“Ivy, if there is anything, and I mean anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call on me okay? If it is okay with you, I will bring you the tea I talked to you about the other day. And then when you feel better, let’s have tea time like always” she said a bit teary, but then my eyes widened when she brushed Kyle's hands away as she swiftly shifted herself next to me. I was trying my best to not laugh at the simple humor I had in my thoughts and it was so hard that I have to pinch a little part of my fatty thigh to control my facial expression

Another gesture took me by surprise when lady Clarissa suddenly peck my forehead and both the guys beside us were speechless and has no clue of what is happening. Obviously, my heart was pounding so hard that I could feel it pulsing through my head.

“W-well you are all right. I must get some more rest since I’m having a slight headache now. Goodnight!” I did say this but the truth is that it is still the afternoon as I caught a glimpse by the open window where the fresh breeze was coming in. I am embarrassed at some point but then I fell asleep on my own once they all went out of the room.

It was an eerie feeling but I could sense this familiar landscape like a vivid dream. Someone was there at a certain distance who I barely remember but his silhouette was just like a person who I know very well. Suddenly the scenery changed and a voice whispered through my head, a voice of a man who was crying in agony. His loud screams echoed in my head which made me sympathize with him. In his arms was a woman who resembles…me!? Wait, is that me? What is happening?

Is this a premonition of the future? It’s surreal but at the same time, it feels real for some reason. I reached out to his shoulder but my fingers were transparent, unable to grasp him. I wanted to comfort sean that it was all just a dream. Besides, why was he holding me? Is there something he is not telling me to be attached to me? Well it’s not that I don’t like it but I LOVE  IT very much

Oh goodness, what is this? I have to wake up now but someone is holding me from behind. Upon closer look, he is. A handsome young man in her late 20s and it's just my type! 

"Child, don't be afraid.I am the maker of this world. My name is -----" 

I didn't hear him clearly but if he's the creator then he must be the author of this novel series? But how can he be here and me as well?

"I don't have much time. You must go to this secluded location and retrieve my corpse; only then will you be able to come back to your world. Please do this favor and return my body as well. The next blood moon will come, you must do as I say. This is your only chance"

He disappeared after that and so was myself. I was slowly getting pulled away by some kind of force from sean who continued sobbing painfully.

"No sean! Wait, it's me wait---"

Then I woke up that night only to feel drenched from my own sweat and tears. Beside me was a startled man whose eyes widened

as I huffed slightly covering my face in which one could see as flushed red from all the panting and surging emotions of embarrassment after realizing I was calling out to him.

“Pervert piglet..” he said, hugging his own while stepping away from the bed where I was laying down. I was desperately holding onto his collar and immediately released it once I woke up from daydreaming

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