The means of the devil


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18


                   Episode 5

I strode towards mrs sarah's car and saw she and Sophie panicking 

Immediately they sighted me, they breathed out heavily in sigh of relief 

"Carmella dear, where were you all these while?? we were worried sick! "Mrs Sarah asked looking worried 

I gave her a weak smile and turned towards sophie 

Her head went bent a little low in shame 

I ignored her and got into the car, seating far from her 

I just couldn't wrap around what was going on 

With the whole school experience and finding out about my supposed 'Mother', I felt scared yet disgusted by her 

Now I have been chosen to be the new huntress who is supposed to kill her own mother.... 

What I don't understand is.....who exactly is my mum? 

If that demon is my birth mother then who is my mom? 

"Are you okay Carmella? "I heard mrs sarah asked making me frown 

What can I say?? 

Am I okay??? 

Of course not!!!

I am not okay and I have never been okay since today 

The whole world feels like its spinning in circles 

How is waking up in the morning and finding out that u are destined to hunt demons??? 

"Am fine! "I replied plainly not interested in talking 

Am guessing mrs sarah got the message cause she didn't ask anymore questions until we got home 

I hurriedly got off the car after muttering a 'thank you' to her 

"Carmella! carmella! "I heard footsteps and the voice of sophie trailing behind me 

"What is it! "I snapped and she was taken back a little 

I breathed out heavily and tried to control my pounding headache massaging my core 

"Am sorry... am kinda tired, it has been a long day! "I said and she smiled a little 

"No I should be the one apologizing, I should have told you sex in the classroom or public was acceptable even in junior high school! "She said and I frown

Sex was acceptable in school?

This was the first time I was hearing such 

"Is aunt sarah aware? "I asked and she nodded 

"But she asked me to inform you so you could inform ur mom, but I really wanted you to come because am kinda lonely, I need a real friend! "She said pouting sadly 

I smiled a little bit, I guess we both want the same thing 

A real friend!!!!!

"No problem but am kinda tired now, let's discuss this later! "I said and walk towards my house not waiting for her reply

Am sick!! 

I could feel it but it felt distant 

I hate my existence,it kills me 

"Hey sunshine how was ur day? "Mum asked which made me frown. 

That word sunshine made me remember unpleasant memories 

"Please mum never ever called me sunshine.... please don't ever ever call me sunshine! "I pleaded making her frown softly 

"Sunshine what's wro..... 

"Please mum,just stop it!!! "I yelled covering my ears trying to shut the voices in my head 

"Dear are you okay? "Mom asked feeling worried 

I closed my eyes tightly waiting for the voices in my head to stop 

Suddenly it became quiet ,the voices sized completely 

"Carmella, are you okay??? "Mum yelled holding me tightly 

I could feel her tears on my face before everything went blank 


When I opened my eyes, it was already dark but I could still hear some soft murmurs at the background 

My head was pounding like a heavy metal was drumming in it 

God I hate my life 

"Baby, baby are you okay? "I heard mum's worried voice making my head hurt less. 

"Mum!" I replied softly and tears flowed down her face 

"Are you okay darling? "Dad asked also looking pretty worried 

"Am good dad, just a bit thirsty! "I said and mum quickly took a bottle water and assist me as I drank up

She carefully laid me back down... 

"Mum am sorry for shouting on you earlier.... it wasn't intentional! "I said apologizing but she just smiled 

"It's fine dear, just please don't scare me the way u did earlier...! "

I just smiled and nodded then look at my dad who kept staring at me curiously 

"What's wrong dad? "I asked and he sighed deeply while mum pushed him away softly 

"Don't mind ur dad, he is just a bit worried about you! "Mum said but I could see their was more to it 

"Dad? Are you okay? "I asked again but he just smiled and tap my head 

"Get some rest kiddo, I am just worried that's all"He said and I nodded giving a fake yawn and pretend to fall asleep 

Soon my parents left the room and I was left all alone 

I quickly stood up and creep out of the room to my dad's ,I was shocked to hear them arguing 

"How could you even think of asking her that??? don't you trust ur own daughter?? "Mum yelled folding her arms across her chest angrily 

"I know love, and I do trust our daughter but the situation..... 

"What useless situation??? my daughter is fine and healthy, and not possessed! "Mum yelled making shiver pass through my veins 


Dad thinks am possessed??? 

"I didn't say that am just saying maybe her staying here in hangur isn't good for her! "

"What nonsense, my daughter is the best! her staying in hangur or us staying here is because of you! I sacrificed everything in Amity villa just to stay here with you and now you say my daughter is possessed? "Mum roared at dad fierce 

"I never said she was.... I only thought about it! besides I only suggest she visits the church regularly! "He said and I could see how much he tried controlling his anger 

"No way!!! my daughter isn't possessed and if you dare bring up this issue, I will take my Yb daughter and ran as far as I can! "Mum threatened 

"You wouldn't dare Callie! "Dad roared in anger 

"I would if you dare push me to the wall luke, don't you even think about it!!! "She yelled back as they both stared at each other in anger 

I silently and quietly went back to my room 

I felt so sad seeing my parents like this 

It hurts me too deeply to see them argue like this 

"It's seem ur mother has made her move! "I heard a voice behind me and I quickly screamed in fright 

"Relax its just me! "The girl with the blue eyes said 

"Angela?"I called out and she smiled happily 

"Awwwn u remembered my name! "

"What are you doing here and how did you come in??"I asked dazzled while she just shrugged it off 

"I am nobody remember,am a soul wonderer!"

I frowned staring at her 

"What do you mean by ur mother has made a move?"I asked but she just shook her head 

"Do you know what gives the devil power over God's people? "She asked and I shook my head 

"He first start by creating fear, doubts,confusion and dis unity"She said as I raise my brows up in confusion 

"This is exactly what ur parents are passing through.... he created some doubts in the mind of ur dad by making you act anyhow 

Then he does doubts into his mind then raises confusion and fear into ur parents heart therefore bringing dis unity! "

"But.... my mum believes am not possessed! "

"You and I know every mother would always defend her child but there would still be some doubts after all you always behave negative around her! "She said making me frown in thoughts 

She was right though 

mum has always been the one to face my mood swings 

"But y would my dad believe his own daughter is possessed? "I asked but she just smiled 

"It's seems u have never been acquaintance with the devil?? he can manipulate any man who gives him a chance! "

I ran my fingers into my hair tiredly 

I am sick and tired of all these 

I just want to rest and be free from this madness 

"How do I free myself from this curse? "I asked and she sighed 

"Accept who you are Carmella and start hunting for the queen of demons saraphina! "She said and I frown 

"Who is she??? "

"Ur mother! "She said making me frown 

"What do I need to do then??? "

"Like I said, start hunting some demons, they may look smart but they are dumb in nature, you just have to trick the right one and they will lead you to their queen! "She said winking at me 

"Okay fine,! "I said sighing heavily 

If I was told last week ago that I would be chasing demons by this week, I would have laughed hard 

Who knows 

I guess this is my destiny, this is my fate 

"Great!!! "Angela yelled in excitement 

"Tomorrow I will come pick you up and introduce yourself my team!"She said and I frown slightly 

"You have a team? "

"Who doesn't??? ,don't worry they are super cool and trustworthy!"

"And what do you guys tend to gain from helping me? "I asked and she froze 

I am guessing my assumptions are right.... 

Angela is up to something, no one genuinely helps people without something 

"Never ask me that again! "She said in a deadly manner glaring hard at me 

"Tomorrow I will pick you up so be prepared! "She said then vanished into thin air 

What  the hell just happened???? 

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