Offending the team


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18


                   Episode 7

I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that both I and Asher blood was needed for a demonic ritual 

Staring at Asher, I could see he wasn't even bothered about it.... 

He seems so peaceful yet gave a mysterious vibe 

My eyes trail downward to his abs and I could see how huge his abs were 

They were almost threatening to spill out 

I wonder how it will feel running my fingers crossed it.... 

Placing my head on it

Snap out of it Carmella!!!! 

This is not the time to imagine nonsense 

"Carmella! "I heard Angela called and I slowly turned to her 

"So with a drop of my blood, the ritual has begun? "I asked and they both nodded 

Suddenly Justina went in daze.... her eyes went dark 

"What's going on with her? "I asked feeling scared 

"She is having a vision! "Justin replied staring seriously at his twin 

"Soul eaters are near by!" She said and everyone immediately tense up!!! 

"Ava distract them, Justin round up the weapons, Kim go with eva find out what they want..... Asher take carmella with you and hide.....justina come with me! "Angela said giving instructions to everyone 

I was about to ask what was going on when asher pulled me forcefully by the hand and drag me towards a deep dark tunnel 

"What's going on? "I asked him but he didn't reply 

Only his dark eyes had light now that shined through the dark making me amazed 

Angels are really special 

"A drop of ur blood don't only attract demons but other terrifying creatures! "He said in his deep voice making me blush 

Just when I thought he wasn't going to reply me 

"I thought you weren't going to reply me! "I said blushing hard 

I felt his hand draw me into his chest and his dark eyes staring deep into mine 

I raised my head up and stared deeply into his 

So dark yet enchanting 

"You are a fool! souls are out there fighting for you, for us! because of ur stupidity and yet you have the time to care if I reply to ur stupid questions or not? "He said and scoff leaving me in shock and confusion 

"I can smell ur lust and I can feel ur stupid heart race when you look at me but you disgust me.... 

Do you understand how severe ur stupid actions has caused us..??? 

You have not only attract demons but other terrifying and vile creatures.... trust me huntress this is not just a stupid romance movie this is horrifying, this is crazy... you better get ur head in the game else you loose it!!!! "He said and pushed me to the side with disgust filled in his face then sat at the far end of the tunnel 

My eyes went watery 

He is such an asshole but I knew deep within me, he was right 

I was supposed to be out there, fighting and protecting everyone yet am in here hiding like a coward 

"Hello! "I heard a voice call in my head making me frown 

"Who are you? "I asked but the voice laugh 

"Do you want to prove to that angel that you are not scared?"It asked again 

"Who are you? "

"Do you?? "It asked ignoring my question 

I couldn't find out if it was a male nor female voice.... it sounded sharp and moderate 

"Come out side huntress! "It said repeatedly and I stood up slowly walking outside 




What a big fool

Scoffing within me, I felt irritated knowing how she fantasise on touching my body 

Yes I can read thoughts 

Though! only ava knows 

I felt a little bit relieved when Angela told us she had found the huntress 

At least we could battle the demons with no fear but that was only but a dream 

At first when I saw her, she was weak, pale and skinny 

I never thought a little girl like her could be a huntress 

She was too weak 

Too stupid and too annoying..... not anything like........ her!!!! 

My eyes soften and my dead heart skipped a bit remembering her.... 

It was my duty to protect her but I failed woefully 

I felt movement beside me and I quickly turn to see Carmella heading towards the entrance of the tunnel 

What is her problem?? 

"Carmella!!! "I yelled but she didn't respond 

Immediately I realized she was under the devils spell 

Shit!!! I thought the devils spell was not effective on huntress?? just how weak is this girl??? 

I quickly rush towards her but couldn't find her anymore.... 


Breathing in deeply, I used my spiritual sense of smell to track her..... 

After a while, I could perceive it.... though it was faint, I quickly headed east..... 

When I got there, there were no traces of demons nor soul eaters or any vile creatures 

She laid in the grasses unconscious 

I quickly raised her left am up and noticed a dark stain 

Damn! they took another blood from her.... 

I frown slightly and quickly contacted the others 

Staring at the foolish huntress one last time, I flew away in anger with a scoff 


I woke up and surprisingly,i felt much better than any other day 

I felt energetic 

With no memories of what happened yesterday after I heard that strange voice in my head

I went out and meet everyone training 

"Hey everyone good morning! "I said and ava flew close to keep and landed a heavy punch on my face

"Bitch!!! "She yelled kicking and punching me 

I threw out blood feeling pains all over my body 

"Ava stop it now! "Angela yelled and Justina quickly pulled her away from me 

"Just tell this bitch never to come close to me, else I will kill her before the demons does! "She yelled making me frown 

Justina tried to help me up but I pushed her in anger 

"What the hell is ur problem!!! "I yelled feeling deep hatred and rage for ava 

How could someone go manic and assault a person early in the morning? 

What sort of greeting is that 

"My problem? My problem??? she gave a short painful laughter 

"Because of ur stupidity, not only did we almost lost Kim or half of the team, but you let those fucking demons take a drop of ur blood again....!!! "She yelled making me frown confused 

I turned to Kim and noticed him looking fine 

"But he looks fine! "I said feeling aggrieved 

"*Scoff..... I forgot I was talking to a dumb human! "She said angrily 

"Carmella you should have told us demons have access to ur mind and thoughts! "Maria said making me frown 

"How was I supposed to know?? Am not some kind of spiritual being! "

"No you are a dumb human who does nothing more but thinks life is about making friends, going to date and having the perfect family... when others try best to survive on their own! "Asher replied making me mad 

"Oh and you think you are important just because you are a fallen forsaken angel!? what difference does it makes if you guys are dead or alive?? you guys live in isolation anyways, dying is much better!!!!! "I spotted out in anger and everyone went shut 

My words quickly came back replaying in my head making me immediately regret what I said 

"Guys am....... "Angela waved her hand cutting me shut 

"It's better if you go back to ur fun life....! "She said and I frown 

"Am so....... 

"Justina, take her back to town! " Immediately I felt a wave of contractions and I was outside my house building 

I turned and saw Justina staring at me in disappointment 

"Am sorry.... I never meant what I said!"

She waved her hand and smiled as if it was nothing 

"It's not what you said, it's how you said it! asif urs isn't a bullshit like ours..... just like us, you are also trying to survive.... Asher or ava may behave the way they do.... not because they hate you but because of what we all have been through.... you have no right to judge us Carmella, no right!!! ""She said in a deep calm voice which broke me down completely 

"Goodbye! "She immediately vanished on the spot

A huge frown broke on my face making me sigh in annoyance 


I don't need them anyways 

But my heart said otherwise 

I strolled down to my house and saw aunt Sarah, sorry demon Sarah consoling my mum 

Anger grew inside me 

"Get away from her you demon! "I yelled and quickly pushed her away from mum 

Mum seemed surprised while demon sarah smirked at me 

"Darling are you okay?"Mum asked and I shook my head 

"What is this demon doing here? "I asked coldly causing a huge frown on mum's face 

"Is that how you talk to ur elders Carmella??? how could you disrespect Mrs Sarah like this??? She has been here consoling ever since ur useless father.......

"My father isn't useless mum! "I yelled 

Mum stood up and slapped me hard causing my lips to bleed 

I notice the gleam in the demon's eyes were she saw my blood 

I quickly licked it up..... never will I let those demons take another portion of blood from me for their stupid rituals 

"Callie calm down,am sure she didn't mean it.... after all is is still a child! "The demon spoke in a soft assuring voice

"You are so kind Sarah.... Carmella, apologize to her now!!! "Mum said firmly making me smirk 

"Never! "I said and ran upstairs to my room 

I could hear mum's angry voice and the demon's voice trying to calm mum down 

Shutting my door tightly , I frown and laid on the bed feeling extremely tired..... 

What an hectic day..... 

What am I going to do? 

I made new friends and unfriend them the same day 

Got my blood stolen by some demons and now...... 

Shutting my eyes tightly, I tried to wish for everything to be a bad nightmare 

I wish I could open my eyes and see myself in amityvilla 

I felt something dripping on my face making me frown 

What the hell is that terrible smell ??

I quickly opened my eyes 

Boom!!! It was a demon with no eyes but it's heart outside it chest 

It gave a loud yelping sound making me scream in shock and fear....

The last thing I remembered was mum yelling my name before I lost consciousness 


Let me guess we are not finding the horror in the story yet right?? 

We are just getting started though..... the real horror and journey starts from the next episode 

But let's discuss first.... who else thinks Carmella is a bitch for what she said to her new friends?? 

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I really appreciate those few that has been following do far and ur review has been encouraging,so thank you.... please I need more reviews and comments......i will post another chapter hopefully today

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