Meeting an old friend


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18

Warning!!! fetish and diabolic words ahead..... read with deep concentration 


                      Episode 9

"Shall we begin Carmella? "She asked and I nodded inhaling deeply 

"Relax Carmella.... you look like someone who is about to sell her soul to the devil"She told jokely which I faked a laughter too 

Obviously noticing my discomfort, she stopped talking and started reciting some incantation 

"Saza'Kal....'ima....zo.....fa........ kiiiiiii.......! ❌2 

She screamed the incantation till the room lighted up with fire 

"Zo!!!! zo kal zim..... zo!!! fia.... ko..... Sina!!!! " A huge fire sprung forming a triangle 

She used a red chalk to draw lines on the triangle 

"Step into the triangle! "She said and I gulp down forcefully 

"W.......hat..... i....s"I asked stuttering 

"This is the triangle of death!!!! Here you will summon demons and try to get few of their powers! "

"Demons powers?! "

"Yes.... Carmella! "

"Bu....t.... but...isn't that illegal? "I asked but she smiled 

"It is Carmella.... but for you it is not! "

"Huh?? What?? How?"

"Because you have both the huntress genes and luckily for us, demon as well!"She explained leaving speechless 

That's right....

How could I forget supposed 'Mother' is now a demon .

"Wait, is that an advantage or disadvantage?"

"It is both..... it is an advantage because with the demon blood, we can figure out their source of powers and even use it against them"

Well that seems like a pretty good advantage 

At least I have seen one advantage of having a demon 'mother'

"As for the disadvantage...... with the demon blood, demons can have access into ur head and thought..... the queen of demons, can also access into ur thoughts end control ur mind! unless you block them out "She said scarying the hell out of me 

Control my mind??? 

Now that is a problem...... I don't want some stupid witch trying to access my thoughts... 

"So how do I block them out? "

"Immediately we begin the ritual, we will entirely allow the demons access you.... only them can you gain control over ur thoughts and block them and access their demon powers .... !"

"Wow! "I breathed out heavily 

"But this is also risky too....! "

"How??? "

"If the demons somehow taken control of ur mind or head instead of you taking control.... then you will be trap by their powers and you will also become a demon! "She said and I inhaled deeply 

This is just too much to take in.... 

So I will be a demon if I fail to gain control of those demons.... 

Now this is going to be war 

"You may step into the triangle.... remember we barely have time left! "

I sighed heavily and walk into the triangle slowly 

My feet seemed heavy as I tried to move it..... my body felt stiff and hot.... 

Am guessing because of the burning flames 

I got into the middle of the lines drawn on the triangle 

"Now sit! "She ordered and I complied seating with my legs folded around 

"Just relax Carmella.....breath in and out ... then try to meditate.... " She instructed and I nodded inhaling deeply and exhaling out afterwards 

I can do this.... 

Carmella,you gat this..... 

"Relax...... try to feel a dark energy.... then trap it immediately! "

I shut my eyes tightly trying to feel the dark energy...... 

I suddenly felt a dark energy, Yes!!! I quickly trapped it..... 

I felt like I was traveling into space!!!! 

Tears flowed down my face due to how painful the experience was... 

It was crazy!!! 

Shit!!! it felt like I was been sucked into an extremely hot tube 

If that was even a thing 

"Oh fu*k!"I yelled out in pains 

Finally the journey had ended 

I took my time to get my self together before finally taking a look a where I was..... 

Well it was just a normal hallway which was surprisingly beautiful 

It was way more beautiful than a house itself.... 

"Carmella! "I heard my name loudly making me shiver 

"Carlisle? "I called out slowly 

Carlisle was my childhood friend 

She died by drowning in a riverside 

It was a tragic one because it took me over three months to get over her death

But I heard her voice 

Was I hallucinating??? 

I shut my eyes tightly not trying to disappoint myself 

"Carmella! "I heard her voice and I slowly opened my eyes to see my best friend smiling widely at me 

She looked exactly the same she did the last time I saw her before she died

"Carlisle?? "I called out not believing my eyes 

"Carmella!" She called out still smiling with tears pooling in her eyes 

"Carlisle? "I called out again as my tears slowly dropped 

"You look beautiful and all grown up! "She said in her British accent hugging me tightly 

"Is this for real??? "I asked but I could feel her warmth on my skin 

She still smelt like lemons and cherries 

"Yes it is Carmella..... "She said giggling softly as she released me from the hug 

"But.... how...... are still alive???? I heard you drown " I asked and she nodded softly 

"That's a long story Carmella.... I will tell you all about it later.... but for now come meet my parents, we missed you! "She said dragging me along 

"Uncle Ricky and aunt mel? "I asked feeling excited 

It has been quite long since I last saw them 

Ever since Carlisle died, they moved out of our town to a big city in New York 

We both stopped at a brown door as Carlisle opened the door softly and we both walked in 

"Wow!!!! "It felt like paradise 

Everywhere was white and gold sparkling!!! 

So homely yet neat and beautiful.... 

"Mum,dad! come meet who is here! "She called out making me giggle 

This was how Carlisle always yelled when calling her parents to meet me 

I use to hate it so much and felt like it was irritating but not anymore 

Not when have got my best friend back 

"You don't have to yell Carlisle....! "I heard aunt mel soft voice with a hint of laughter in it

I inhaled the smell of her freshly baked cookies 

Oh aunt I missed her 

"Who is it hunny? "Aunt mel asked as she walked out of the kitchen 

"Hello aunt mel! "I said waving excitedly and she took a pause revealing her shock 

"Carmella? "She called out and I nodded in tears 

I miss them so much 

"Carmella? OMG, babe come quickly, Carmella is here love! "She yelled hugging me tightly 

"You are all grown up! "She said pinching my cheeks softly making me smile happily 

"Carmella? "I heard Uncle ricky's voice making me blush 

I have always had a crush on Uncle Ricky since I was a kid

He was one of the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes on 

"Uncle Ricky! "

"Carmella my heart! "He said opening his arms widely and I quickly rushed into them.... it felt nice been around them..... 

We all had a group hug and later we sat together with aunt mel freshly baked cookies and Uncle Ricky's ice cream pie 


But I quickly lost my appetite when I heard how my best friend has suffered 

Tears flowed down my face 

"So you are saying, that you didn't drown but to escape from a criminal freak who is out to kill you... you all had to fake Carlisle death? "I asked and they nodded smiling sadly 

"I never thought I will see you again.... when we left, I tried contacting you but it was impossible.... it seemed the criminal  had contacts everywhere, am sorry Carmella! "Carlisle apologize while I just smiled and hugged her 

It wasn't her fault.... 

Why will I hold anything against her cause I know if I was in that position, mum and dad would have likely done the same! 

Besides her been alive is enough for me 

"It is our fault Carmella... we should have told you, we are sorry! "Uncle Ricky said smiling sadly which made me felt terrible.. 

"No uncle it isn't ur fault either.... things like this happens and honestly if I were in ur shoes I would have done the same thing!"I said and they smiled 

"Enough of this sad drama, Carmella go change and freshen up.... and u naughty girl, assist ur best friend! "Aunt mel instructed pinching carlise chubby cheeks 

"Mum.....stop it.... not when Carmella is here! "She said pouting sadly 

I giggled happily 

"Come on Carmella! "She said dragging me upstairs.... 

We got into a huge room that looks like a princess castle due to how pinkish it was 

"Is this ur room?"I asked and she nodded softly 

"Wow..... it's beautiful! "I said and she smiled 

"I decorated it this beautiful because I know you will like it..... remember this was how we always wanted to decorate our room when we were kids! "She said causing a huge smile on my face 

How could I forget?? 

It was nothing our dreams to decorate our room in a princess form 

"Thanks Carl! "I said hugging her tightly 

"You are welcome mella! "

We both disengage from the hug and she smiled happily 

"Quick change and come down for dinner, there is family game night tonight! "She said blowing a kiss to me which I quickly caught and put on my cheeks 

"Alright I will be down in a sec! "..

I smiled as I watch her figure disappear.... 

Wow! This feels like a dream.... 

I looked around smiling happily..... 

Slamming myself onto the bed, I smiled at how soft the bed was..... it felt lovely 

This felt like a dream..... a sweet dream that I never want to wake up from 

"Carmella hurry up!!! "I heard Carlisle voice from downstairs 

"Coming! "I said and quickly changed into a ducky PJs

Staring at me room one last time... I blew a kiss at it 

"Will be back in a second! "I said and walk outside to join them in the dinning table 


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