Meeting the first huntress (Emily)


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18

Three days later 


                   Episode 11

"Are you ready? "She asked and I smirked 

"Ready!!! "

"Zo fa Lita nayerza kilati!" She recited repeatedly until I felt my soul been sucked into something that felt like a tube 

I close my eyes due to the brightness 

I tried opening my eyes to adjust to the light..... 

I was standing in a battlefield with so many people fighting, more like strange creatures 

There were so many blood spilled.... 

So many!!!

I felt irritated and also wanted to puke my intestines out 

There were demons, fairies, giants, werewolves, vampires,mermaid and every other creatures .....

As amazing as it felt seeing such fantastic creatures, it is still bloody 

"You need to run Emily, we will hold them off! "Someone said staring at me 

"Me?"I asked but I didn't get a reply 

"I can't leave you guys here..... I can't!!! besides what will happen to us..... to our child? "I heard a voice and I quickly turned around 

My jaw dropped down as my eyes widened 

It was an angel..... 

Her hair was pure silver..... her skin smooth, clean and sparkling.... 

Her eyes were as clear and blue as the oceans and her lips were small and pettie pink in color 

She was beyond gorgeous 

Even the man talking to her although very handsome, his beautiful was pale compare to her 

"Go Emily, go now! "He yelled trying to fight some disgusting creatures 

"No I can't leave you! "She yelled back in tears 

"Go now Emily.... go now! " He yelled staring with her with loves filled eyes 

"I love you Emily! " He said before a thousand of creatures pounded on him 

"Kas.....!!! "She yelled with tears flowing down her eyes 

Even in her messy situation, she still looked so beautiful 

She stood up with determination and burning gaze 

"Let's go! "She said and she walked ahead 

All creatures trying to get close to her were immediately turned to dust 

Wait..... who was she talking too??? 

She froze and turned to me with frown 

"Are you coming or not? "She asked making me shocked 

"You can see me? "I asked which made her face crumple 

"Huntress can see other huntresses !"She said with a huge scoff while stopping to take a rest

It felt great yet scary that someone in the past could see someone in the future 

"So.... which huntress are you or rather.. which do you plan to be? "She asked making me confused 

"I plan to be a good huntress! "I said  and she burst into a round of heavy laughter 

"Really??? "

"Yes! "I almost yelled feeling irritated by her words 

"Tsk tsk....such naive huntress.....too bad! I can't help you.... go back to were you came from!"She said dismissively which made me felt even more irritated 

"What is ur problem huh??? look I never wanted to come look for you but circumstances pushed me too..... am not a saint neither am I girl that is jobless.... I need ur help and I was hoping you could help me! "I said trying hard not to flare up 

She only smirked and shook her head without a word 

I screamed in frustration 

Dammit this woman!!!! 

I could feel my anger rising and my dark magic trying to over take me..... 

My eyes were changing dark and my hands were growing fangs 

I breathed in and out trying to control my anger and soon thereafter, I was back to my normal self 

I turned around to stare at the huntress and saw her staring at me with her jaw almost on the floor..... 

"Are you okay? "I asked but she didn't reply 

Was she okay? 

Why was she staring at me like some box of candies 

" .. what are you? "She asked and I stared at her confused 

"I don't understand?"

She stood up dramatically holding my both arms 

"I saw ur fangs growning and ur eyes turning dark! "

"Oh that! "I said sighing heavily

"Am a half demon! "

She stared at me in awe, looking deeply shocked 

What the hell is wrong with this lady? Why is her personality so strange 

"You are a demon? "She asked and I nodded 

She burst into laughter with tears flowing down her eyes 

She screamed and jumped in celebration 

Okay now! this is getting really weird..... 

She suddenly grabbed my two handsome kneeling before me 

WTF!!!!! (~_^)

"Please kill me!"She pleaded leaving me speechless 

Okay! am done with this chick 

Is she crazy or something?? 

"You are nuts! "I yelled pulling my hands from her hard grip trying to get afar as I could from her 

"No.... please listen to me! "She yelled grabbing my right leg tightly 

"Please let me go.... you are crazy woman! "I yelled feeling irritated and very annoyed 

I tried pulling my legs from her grip but surprisingly, her grip is really strong 

Okay now this bitch is trying to piss me off 

My eyes grew dark and my hands grew huge fangs....... I held the huntress by her neck as my fangs thrust into her neck as blood spilled openly from her flesh 

"Yes!!! kill me.... kill me please and let me end this suffering.... let me be with my love and kids! "She said in tears which one could consider as a happy tears

My anger quenched as my eyes and hands went back to normal 

I was confused.... 

"Wait!!! why did you stop? "She asked crawling on the floor with surprisingly her wounds were already healed 

"You seriously want me to kill you? "I asked and she nodded in anticipation 

"Bu..t..... but why? "I asked feeling confused.... 

"You are a huntress.... isn't it beautiful to be a huntress? "I asked and she busted into a hysterical laughter 

"Beautiful to be a huntress????, oh please don't let me laugh.....! "She said as her expression change to that of anger, I was taken back in full force 

"This..... this... this nonsense gift of been a huntress is nothing but a fucking curse my dear....! "She said leaving me speechless 

"What??? "

"Yes.....isnt it obviously.... our purpose is to come to earth and suffer! "She said laughing in pains 

"I always felt been a huntress was a good thing but trust me, it is worst than been a demon!!! 

We get to suffer.... we get to experience pains that no one can bare and at the end.... we don't die but get stuck in re-living our past! "She said making me frown confused 

"Wait.... hold on, you are going to fast..... 

Are you trying to tell me.... that every past huntresses are still alive? "I asked and she nodded with a sarcastic smile 

"Yes..... they are all stuck in a time dimension.... reliving their past life and watching their love ones and family die over and over again! "She said and I covered my mouth in shock 

"Shocking isn't it?? I know..... 

People worship the huntress like some kind of gods, thinking we are sent to help them..... but all... that.... all that was nothing but an illusion! "

"But.... but..... how could this be???  I mean huntress... huntress are the chosen ones by the creator to stop the demons! "

"Then why are we so pathetic??? every huntress in her life faced a horrible childhood while growing up..... in my case... I was too beautiful.... too beautiful that I could breath over 20 men would die from excess bleeding! "She said and my eyes widen in shock 

"Was that real? "I asked and she nodded 

"Yep! I lived in disolation inside a cave all my life because no one.... absolutely no one could stand my beautiful ....until I met my husband and gave birth to my kids "She said with a huge smile 

"But it didn't last..... it didn't last before the demons could get to them! "She said sighing heavily 

"We huntresses are cursed.....!!!"She said and I frowned feeling confused 

"But.... why didn't you use ur powers? "I asked and she burst into laughter 

"Powers? what powers? we don't have powers..... we have only one power and can only be used to protect ourselves not our loved ones! "She said leaving me speechless 

"For me..... my beautiful is like the sun that no demons can come three feet close to me without turning into dust.....!"

"Pretty cool isn't it? "She asked and I nodded 

"Yeah I also use to think it was cool..... until I watch my loved ones been killed without me been able to do a single thing about it! "She yelled angrily with tears flowing down from her eyes 

"I hate been a huntress..... 

I hate my life and I wish I was born someone normal! "She cried and I felt sorry for her.... 

I guess I could relate in her pains a little bit, due to the fact I never had a normal childhood 

"Am sorry! "I muttered and she stood up, holding my hands tightly 

"Don't be...... please just kill me.... kill me and end my suffering! "She pleaded

I quickly tried to free my hand from her grip 

"But.... how are you sure that I can be able to kill you? is it because am a half demon? "I asked and she shook her head 

"No..... no not that!!! ,you are a half demon queen.... you have demon royal blood running through your veins! "She said and I gulp down forcefully 

"Please..... end my suffering! "She pleaded in tears..... 

I nodded softly 

"Really, you will help me? "she asked and I nodded with a smile 

"OMG thank you so much! thank you Carmella! "She said and I nod

there was no need asking her how she knew my name 

"But first..... bestow on me the sign of an huntress! "I requested and she nodded softly wiping her tears.... 

"I, Emily..... first huntress in all history of huntress, declare you, Carmella..... a huntress.... one with light that shines above the sky! "She said and my body felt light immediately 

A huge tattoo appeared on my back 

It was that of a golden axe 

"Now..... please fulfil your promise and kill me please! "She pleaded and I nodded 

I let my dark powers overtake me as I held her tightly by the neck..... 

Almost about to snap her head off her neck, I remembered something 

"Wait!!!.....if I kill you! what happens to the other huntresses? would they also be free from their sufferings? "I asked and she shook her head

"Our lives are not connected.... if you kill me now, only I will be free until a huntress can kill the queen of demons! then all huntress will be free! "she explaining making me frown 

I dropped her on the ground In a flash 

Panick and fear spread across her face 

"What's wrong Carmella.....? why aren't you killing me, you promised you would! "She said and I frowned 

"I did promise but sorry I can't fulfill it! "I said and she frown in shock 

"But.... why??? "

"If I kill only you then that is been selfish..... all huntress needs a chance to be free from their sufferings and this is why...... I promise to kill that queen of demons and free you all! "I said in absolute determination 

"I understand but please free me first...... then you can free them later! "She said pleading in tears 

"Am sorry but I can't be that selfish..... thank you huntress Emily and goodbye! "I said chanting a spell that will bring my soul back to my body 

"No wait.... no please..... no......! "Her voice trailed behind me which made me really sad yet determined 

"Welcome back huntress Carmella! "I heard the librarian voice as I gradually opened my eyes 

She bowed as a sighed of respect.... 

I stood up feeling determined and confident 

"If the huntress permits then I could train you to use ur powers! "

"No need!!! I gat that covered! "I said and she nodded 

"Time is not by our side..... I will start my training immediately.... please don't disturb unless it is urgent! "I instructed before vanishing into thin air.... 


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