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(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18

                   Episode 12

I appeared into the dark woods smiling amicably 

Maybe because over the last two weeks I have faced alot of challenges or maybe because I now have my powers but I feel alot confident and powerful than I use too

Because ava also has little faint of demon powers in her.... I tried to locate her inside the forest.... 

It wasn't long till I could feel her, so I ran west where my power were strongest.... 

Soon after, I was finally able to locate them.....

Ava was seated with Angela discussing something.... 

Maria and Justin were arguing as usual 

Kim and Justina were playing a game while Asher...... wait where is he? 

I felt a light power heading towards me, I quickly dodge.... soon many in sparks of light were attacking me 

I dodge and dodge attacking it back with my demon power 

I could barely see the person attacking me but I could feel his movements and breath so I concentrated on that, waiting for the right time for the person to loose it's guard 

Finally! that was my chance 

It move left trying to attack my ribs, I quickly blocked it and held the thing right in the neck 

I was shocked to see it was Asher 

He was glaring at me with so much hate in his eyes which surprisingly made me sad but I quickly brush it off 

"Asher??? "I called out in shock but he kept glaring at me 

"OMG what's going on here? " I heard maria panicked voice 

"You guys should get back inside now! "Asher yelled still trying to escape from my grip

"But.... Justina had a vision that you are in trouble and who is........ Carmella??? "I heard Angela called in surprise and I quickly released Asher from my grip.

He attacked me again with light this time almost blinding my left eye 

My demon got provoked..... my eyes grew dark and my fangs sprung out.... 

"OMG Carmella is a demon! "I heard Kim's voice making me smirk 

I turned to Asher who stared at me in shock but yet hate was still filled in his eyes 

It felt as if it increased 

"Carmella....!! "Ava yelled running towards me with everything she got 

I moved from her attack and kicked her from behind 

She tried attacking my heart but I held her arm and broke it without thinking twice 

"Ahhhhhhhh!!! "She yelled in excruciating pain 

"Ava!!! "They all yelled in union running to check on her 

I stared at them withdrawing my fangs and my eyes went back to normal 

Angela faced me with anger evident in her face 

"What do you want Carmella? huh? you come here, to come kill us?? you want to revenge on us now just because you have demon powers? "She yelled making me frown 

I ignored her and walk towards ava who was been attended to by Maria 

"Stay away from her you demon!!! " Justin yelled growling at me in anger 

His fangs grew as he changed into a green wolf 

No surprises, because his eyes were green 

He tried attacking me but I simply wave my hand and he was stuck to the ground 

He growl and glared at me angrily as if he was going to tear me apart if he was given a chance 

"Stay away from my brother you demon! "I heard Justina voice which for the first time contained anger 

I turned to her and saw her wolf which no surprise was also the color of her eyes purple 

She tried attacking me with I quickly seal her wolf to become stiff 

I don't want to hurt her.... 

Immediately I heard a wasp flash across me and felt pains on my cheeks 

I touched it and felt a sticky was blood 

I turned to see Kim flying in the air trying to attack me again.... I simply flung him to a tree and he yelled in pains 

I think he broke his spinal cord 

I moved towards ava and immediately Asher and Angela stood in my way 

"I don't know what you are doing here or what you want but stay away from us! "Angela yelled 

Asher tried to attack me and I quickly dodge.....

I couldn't face against Asher and I knew that because he was an angel..... although he hasn't fully uncovered his powers yet 

I tried to freeze his movements and surprisingly it worked.... 

He froze looking shocked 

I turned to Angela who stared at me..... 

"You are now the huntress? "She asked looking shocked and I nodded 

I quickly move to ava who was yelling in pains and sat beside her

"Stay away.... you have done it worst haven't you? "Ava yelled with excruciating pain in her face 

I shook my head ignoring her as I place my hand on her arm 

"Zo Skinvkkvs.jnndwi!" I muttered and her arm immediately went back to its original shape 

Every single one of them were in daze!!! 

I ignored their dazzled face and quickly move to Kim 

I quickly amended his spinal cord and it was back to it normal shape...

"Look am not here to fight you guys, I need a favour that's all! "I said but they kept staring at me as if I had suddenly grew two large horns 

Angela was the first to recover and she quickly put on a nonchalant attitude 

"What do you want? "

"I need you guys to train me..... I need to develop my powers! "I requested leaving them speechless 

"U mean ur demon powers? "

"Yes! "I hummed softly 

"But.... but.... how come you have demon powers and u are the huntress? "Kim asked making me smirk 

"My mother is the queen of demons that's makes me the heir to the throne! "I said smirking daring 

                  Angela's pov 

Staring at her face, I could feel chills running down my spine 

Damn she looks horrifying 

"So you inherited her powers? "Maria asked looking a bit excited 

I rolled my eyes 

"Yes.... I have nothing the demon and huntress powers! "

"But... how come you can be able to control ur demon powers, I mean sometimes I feel it is controlling me instead! "Ava asked softly to Carmella making me and everyone else shocked 

Ava has never told us this.... 

I mean she barely even communicate with everyone except Asher 

"The trick is to hold the demon and force it to listen to ur command! "She replied with a smirk 

Again with that smirk.... 

This girl is really giving me the creeps 

"Then why are you here??? "I asked and she frown 

"I told you.... I want you all to train me.....!!"

"But why us??? I thought we were just some dumb humans who lived in isolation? "Asher said looking aggrieved 

I knew he was pained.... 

Ash has always wanted to explore... he wanted to live a normal life like the rest of the humans 

But all these crushed when the demons killed his first human lover with their unborn child just because they smelt his scent on her 

The killing was brutal 

They literally digged their hand into his lovers belly even though she was still alive and took the child alive then crack open his head using his blood to form a portion 

Then left the corpse there for him to see 

Ever since then, Asher has decided to kill atleast 50 demons in a day..... 

And he has been going on with these for years 

Thats why Asher is the most feared among us 

"Do you want to avenge ur dead lover ?? "Carmella asked and Asher quickly run towards her with killing instincts 

"Ash! "

"Asher! "

"No! "

"Asher! " We all yelled together but Carmella easily deviated the attack 

"Train me and I will train you all in return..... then we can end these demons reign! "She said commanding respect 

Her tune unlike the clueless Carmella, now commanded respect 

I couldn't even look her in the eyes 

Somehow she frightens me yet gives me this confident and zeal that we could actually win 

"Why should we trust you? "I asked and she smirked 

"Because I want my mother's head! "She replied simply yet very terrifying 

Goosebumps were all over our bodies just staring at the resentment and coldness in her eyes 

"Do we have a deal or not? "She asked and we all looked at ourselves 

We both knew this was the best thing for us.... 

We were not strong yet to go against those demons especially now they have both Asher and Carmella's blood 

We need to train and be prepared for the battle ahead 

"We have a deal!!!! " I said and she smirks 

"Perfect!!! and I have the perfect place for us to train! "She said and we all frowned looking amongst ourselves 

"Where??? "

"Hell.....!!!!! "


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