The kiss


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18

                   Episode 13

             Carmella's Pov 

"Hell will be our training field! " I repeated as they gaze at me in shock 

"Haha Carmella you are so funny..... am sure you mean we would pass through hell in this training? "Justin asked with a soft laugh which clearly didn't reach his eyes 

I smirked staring at his green eyes 

"Have you see demons before? "I ask and he nodded his head 

"Has any of you seen of you seen a demon before? "I asked again and they all nodded except Asher who still stared at me with little hostility 

"We have fought with demons before..... they are scary! "Maria replied as they all nodded in agreement with her words 

"Those aren't demons..... those are replica of demons! "I said calmly but their reactions were priceless 

"What do you mean by those weren't demons? "

"Do you mean there are another set of demons higher than the one we saw? "

"OMG what do we do??? " They asked bombarding me with different questions 

I massage my temples tiredly 

"You guys should give her space to breath don't just ask questions!"Ava said and I sent her a thankful smile 

"Those demons are nothing like the demons we will face in the finally battle..... we have to prepare for anything! "

"Wait..... is that why you want go take us to hell? "Angela asked and I nodded 

"Hell demons are the real stuff! "I replied and they are fell into deep thinking 

"I want you all to think about this softly...... choose if you want to embark on this quest.... If not then you can choose to remain here till we get back! "I urged and they thought deeply 

After some few moments, angela stood up drastically 

"I would go with you! "She said firmly making me smile at her boldness 

She has the spirit of a leader 

"Well I hate demons so hell yes!!!"Maria said smirking daring 

"Count us in! "Justina and Justin proclaim together 

Love the twin spirit 

"I probably would feel left out if I don't go so yeah am going! "Kim said and nodded softly at me which I responded with a smile 

Turning to ava and Asher they both stared at me deeply 

"You assure me that everyone here would come back alive? "Ava asked looking a bit worried 

"I can't assure you that....! "I said and her face fell 

"But I assure you that I will try as much as possible to bring everyone back here safe and sound! "I responded sincerely which brightned her mood 

"That's good enough for me, Am in!!! "She said and everyone cheered 

Turning to Asher, he kept staring at me as if trying to figure out what was on my mind 

I sent him a cheeky smile with a wink which he frowned at making me giggle softly 

"Well I haven't killed any demon today so..... yeah am in! "

I smiled looking at the team who looked vibrant and ready for action 

"So!!! how do we get to hell??? "Kim asked and they all turned to me 

"Give me a moment! "

I closed my eyes and spread my huntress powers trying to attract a demon.... 

Soon I saw one running to my direction 

"I sense a demon!! "Justina said holding her head tightly 

Everyone immediately drew their weapons ready to fight and defend themselves 

"No! don't bother.... I was the one who attracted it.. mdont worry it wouldn't attack any one except me! "I said and immediately a demon appeared trying to deep it's disgusting rotten teeth into my neck 

*Scoff.... amateur!!! 

I held it's neck and snap it into two ignoring it's ranting 

That's right! I can hear demons 

"Woah!! "Justin coddled as they all looked at me with admiration in their eyes 

Well apart from Asher and ava 

"Why did you kill that demon? "Ava asked staring at me with an unforeseen gaze 

"Huh?? "I asked pretending not to hear her question 

"Why did you attract that demon to urself and killed it? "She asked and I smirked 

"Don't you want to go to hell? "

"Well.... the gate way to hell is through demon's blood, a demons blood can open the gate way to hell! "I explained simply not going any further 

Using the demons blood, I drew the sign of the luminatics 

A circle and a triangle in between 

I started chanting a spell that would open up the gate 

Soon, the sign was lighted up with fire and the ground beneath it, went  down in flames opening the gateway to hell..... 

"Here we go...... !"I said wiping an invisible sweat 

The looks on their faces were priceless.... I knew they were gravely scared well apart from Asher 

He was an angel so I was sure hell was nothing to him 

"So shall we go in? "I asked and they all gulped in nothing 

"We can do this!! "Angela said moving forward to the open hole trying to comfort everyone 

I smiled at her bravely 

Been a leader means you have to take the first step....

Angela was a natural born leader... 

"See you guys there! "She said and flew into the hole......

One by one, they all jumped into the hole until only I and Asher was left 

"After you! "I said smirking amusly 

                    Asher pov 

"After you! "I saw her smirking staring at me like I was some kind of comedy show 

I glared hard at her and ignored her gesture 

"Are you sure you know what you are getting us into? hell is not a play ground especially not for people like them! "I asked but she smiled 

"Hell is the devil's resting place after creating havoc on earth..... why don't we create havoc in his rest place huh? "She asked with a playful smile which made me chuckle a little 

"You see.... to are laughing ! meaning you approve of this! "

"Oh shut up! "I retorted back making her giggle which I found cute 

What! did I just said I found her laughter cute? 

Maybe the pressure of the battle is getting to me 

"After you sir! "

"Ladies first madame! "I said bowing softly and she smiled rolling her eyes at me 

Before I knew what was going on, her lips were on mine 

I immediately wanted to push her away but she deepened the kiss as her tongue invaded mine 

I stopped struggling and enjoyed the kiss after tasting her strawberry sweetness which I couldn't reject 

She pulled out after a while but my brain was still mushed 

"I have always wanted to do that! "She muttered smiling softly at me 

All I could concentrate on was her lips which were so soft and red due to the kiss.... I wanted to pull her back in my arms and kiss her senselessly 

Gosh ash..... 

What Is wrong with you!!! 

What if this was a distraction from her??? 

I felt angry that I easily fell into her trap 

"Hey why did you.......

"See you on the other side! "She yelled and jumped into the hole 

I frown in thought but jumped inside..... 

It felt like I was been shocked into a warm tube but then it kept getting hotter and hotter

I finally was able to land on the ground..... which was hot but convinent to me because I was an angel 

Everyone was there.... 

Well apart from Ava and Carmella, the rest were all sweating heavily 

Their body was literally dripping with water....

"Is there a way to protect them from the heat of hell??? if they keep sweating at this rate then they may die! "Ava asked and I nodded in agreement 

Due to the fact that both ava and Carmella has demon blood, the heat of hell was normal to them 

"Here! "Carmella handed everyone a piece of a white substance except I and ava 

"Lick it and it will cool ur system.... with that you won't be affected by the heat! "She instructed and they immediately put the substance in their mouth 

With great surprise, they stopped sweating and was looking energized 

They all said their thanks to Carmella and I knew she was gradually making a place in their hearts 

But was this a good thing? 

Carmella was the only person I couldn't figure out..... 

Even before she had her powers, she was naive but still unpredictable.... now, it was worst....i couldnt understand anything she did, I couldn't read her at all 

"So where are we heading to? "I asked and she smiled 

That smile..... that lips.... 

Get it together asher 

She kept walking without replying as we all followed her

Surprisingly we never encountered any demons on out way neither did we hear any screams or shouts 

She suddenly stopped in front of a gigantic gate which had a bold written words in front of it 

"Welcome to the gate of  Undone!"She said and everyone looked confused including ava well except me 

"Where are we ???Angela asked she smirked 

"We are at the home of Asmodeus, one of the princes of hell..... he is the prince of lust! "She announced 

"Welcome to hell!!! "She said and walked in boldly and I quickly followed behind so as the others..... 


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