He holds and pulls me tighter into him as he deepens the kiss; I tense and freeze as I feel the hardness of his excitement pressing more against me. Smiling against my lips before pulling back and looking me in the eye, moving his hand from my neck up into my hair. He then grips my hair and tugs lightly, making my head tilt back. He breaks the connection with my eyes as he leans forward just a little to run soft butterfly kisses down and back up my neck. 

I can’t stop the soft moan as I relax and pleasure spreads through me, Zachariah smiles against my skin as he pulled on my hair just a little more allowing him to move his kisses further down my neck and onto my chest, another soft moan escapes my lips as he trails his kisses over the tops of my breasts. He continues to smile as he kisses his way back up my neck to my lips, saying, 

“Such a fiery little thing, but so soft and responsive to my touch...” 

He then kisses me again.

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Julie Whismore Dumas
so far I really like it.
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Jessica Williams
It’s good so far?
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Maripaz Boy Arquintillo
love it...

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