I don't realize how long I was sitting at the desk until I hear a commotion coming from outside. I look down and notice that the doodles I have been doing since I sat down were all of Zachariah, both his human and his beast. As I hear the commotion getting closer to the bedroom door, I quickly pick up the contracts that I had moved and place them back where they were, covering the paper with my doodles on them.

I move closer to the door and hear someone is yelling. The door then unlocks and swings open and in walks Zachariah, half yelling, half growling.

"Stay out of it Jade...."

I then hear Jade's softer voice come from behind him, "But Zach... She..."


I hear a slight whimper as he then grabs the side of the door, slamming it behind him. There is a soft click telling me that it was relocked, but Zachariah just goes straight past me and into the bathroom, slamming that door behind him
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