One Hundred-Four

I take a quick look around through Zelda's eyes as she runs around the clearing, then into the trees and then back into the clearing. I let her have her fun as I turn back to Zachariah.

"Zachariah... You would never replace me, would you?"

"Yasmine... What on earth would give you that idea?"

"My nightmare..."

He sighs, "You had it again? Yasmine, you are my mate, you are having my pup, there is no way I am ever giving up on you... Did your nightmare change?"

"A little, but that is normal. It's just when I manage to escape Valentino. He says you give up and replace me. That you take another mate..."

"Yasmine, why would I do that?"

"Because this time they drug me and I can't talk to you. I am sure I hear your howl, but that's when he says that it isn't you..."



"Nothing... And I mean NOTHING!! Will ever make me replace you... And Yasmine here's a secret for you, Zachariah can't replace you without my agreement and he will never get that..."

"Yasmine, som
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