One Hundred-Five

"The kind you wouldn't let me have when we had her last time... You do know she was a virgin, don't you? If you did, then what did you want to know? To make you resist and wait."

"Yes, of course, I knew... But I needed to know what she was to him. Why would he take her and not put one of his collars on her? And then allow her to hold a knife?... Your silver knife at that, to his throat and not kill her for it?... So that when I took that from her, from him. It would maybe finally break her and then affect him more, knowing that I made his fiery little shifter into my personal sex slave... I had a feeling she was, but the bitch wouldn't confirm that she was indeed his mate! I guess could have just killed her, but then where was the fun in that?"

Henry laughs as I snap my head up and look at Valentino. He knew all that time, and yet it wasn't until the day Zachariah saved me that he actually tried to take it.

"But we know she is now, so why stop me? Why not join me instead?"

To not brin
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