One Hundred-Six

He then leaves. I move back into the bedroom and flop down on the bed. It is then at I feel a pounding in my head that is not coming from either Lorelei or Zelda. I open the link,


"Zachariah?? What?"

I hear him sigh as he says, "You didn't answer me, but I could feel your fear coming down the mate bond... Are you alright?"

"I am, for now. Henry just tried to rape me..."


"Yeah, surprisingly Valentino stopped him..."

"Really, that is not like him... Be careful, Yasmine, he may act nice, but that is all it is..."

"Don't worry, I could never forget what he is... Zachariah. I heard Valentino talking to Henry afterwards, and he admitted to having at least one breeding camp..."

"After you had said you recognised the type of room as part of a breeding camp, I got Raphael to inform all our spies to keep their eyes and ears open and maybe even dig a little more than they have been..."

I jump a little as I say, "Ouch..."

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