One Hundred-Eight

Now the higher ranks usually shift, a Delta will shift around 16-17, a Gamma will shift around 15-16, a Beta will shift around 14-15 and an Alpha can shift as young as 10 but that is very rare and usually only if they are in extreme danger forcing their wolf to come out and help them survive, otherwise they shift at 12-14. After I have been over what I have learned, I ask Arthur,

"Have you shifted yet?"

"Yes, Luna. I am the second son of the Delta. I shifted at 14..."

My eyes went wide for a moment as he said he was a son of the Delta, which made him my half-brother if their mother was indeed my mother. I cover up my overly high emotions. Maybe I can talk to him about his mother later... I take a deep breath and ask the entire group instead.

"You are all so young. How did you end up babysitting me?"

Leo steps forward. "We have all just come out of the fighting camps. We are at the top of our class. Even though you are a high-priority prisoner here, he didn't believe that some of
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charity everall
OMG you're amazing... two updates two days in a row... I'm totally loving it ..
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Sandra Allen
love this book/story. glad she found her family can't wait too read their reaction & hers.
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Here it comes, brothers reunion with sister. I can't wait for next update.

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