One Hundred-Nine

I nod and go to get to my feet, but sway as a dizzy spell hits me. Both Leo and Arthur rush to my side and wrap their arms around me to stop me from collapsing completely. I see that confused look on Leo's face again, as he takes a deep breath and they help me back inside. I am surprised that I don't feel those burning spiders at their touch. Maybe it is the intentions behind the touch that make the spider sensation appear. Or could be because they are family?

Once inside, they steady me and then let me go. I then walk over to the bookshelf, pull out the journal, and pass it to Leo. He opens the small book and skims through a couple of the pages. I then turn to Arthur as he holds out a glass of water and some toast. I take both and then turn back to Leo as I say,

"I know it may not be the right person, but I was wondering with what you said the first time we met if your mother might be my mother too?"

Leo stands up straighter and seems to get all serious and anger slides over his fa
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Vanessa Durward
I mean no offence when I say this but sometimes I wonder if readers realise that chapters don't write themselves and it can take a little time to do so. The status of on-going means just that it is still being written. Be patient because if a chapter is rushed it doesn't do the story any good...
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Vanessa Durward
That is a little hard when I am still writing it...
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I wish the author would release the reminding chapters of this book. I'm sick of waiting. Hurry UP!!!

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