One Hundred-Twelve


He runs his hand down my arm until his hand is over mine on his chest. He then pulls back, breathing hard from his kiss and locking his eyes with mine.

"You are the only one for me..."

He smiles as he slides his hand back down my arm, down my body, stopping briefly to squeeze my hip once more, then he continues down my thigh. He squeezes my thigh in one place, moves his hand up a little further, and does it again. He continues this until he reaches my hip once more.

He then slides his hand up along my body, making me arch my back, wanting more of his touch. I let out a small moan as unexpected pleasure runs through me. He then goes back to using only his fingertip as he slides his hand over my shoulder, carefully moving the thin strap of my dress off and down my arm. He then tilts his head a little as he watches his fingertips skim back up my arm, over my shoulder, to stop at my neck.

I let out another moan as he then leans down and places kisses do
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