One Hundred-Thirteen


Once his release is finished, he then rolls us over so I am lying next to him but laying on his chest. I am surprised to see that it is dark when I look up and see the moon and the stars looking down on us. Just as I am drifting off to sleep, Wes rubs his hand along my arm and whispers,

"Don't fall asleep, sweetheart. It's getting late. We should head back into the village..."

I sigh as I come back to reality. Realising what I had just done, I sit up, pulling my dress up to cover my breasts once more. I then pull the thin straps of my dress back onto my shoulders. I look over at him with tears stinging my eyes and whisper,

"I guess you are going to leave now..."

He stops what he is doing and looks at me with surprise. "Karen, what do you mean?"

"You're a newcomer and once a newcomer gets what they want, they leave... Soo! You will leave now..."

Wes moves and places his hand on my cheek, using his thumb to wipe away the tears that managed to escape
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