One Hundred-Fifteen

(** WARNING ** Please read at your own discretion, as this chapter contains a group forced scene and may trigger some readers...)


He then slaps me, making my head snap to the side. I look at Wes with tears in my eyes. He struggles against John, but John has a really good hold on him. Robert then uses the small knife in his hand to cut one of the straps of my dress, allowing him to rip it down to expose my breast. He then leans down and wraps his lips around it, sucking and slobbering all over it. I shiver in disgust as I sob,

"No... Stop... Get off of me..."

He then sits up again, moving his legs from side to side as he pulls and yanks on my skirt, pulling it up and around my waist. He then uses the knife to cut the sides of my underwear and pull them free, I move my hips but it doesn't seem to make a difference as he then leans forward to slobber over my mouth and along my jaw as he stabs the knife into the ground next to my head. As his lips reach n
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Candy Bane
me myself liked these last couple of chapters not necessarily the rape part but the part about her dad being her mom mate. sad he got killed
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She has only ever really belonged to Zachariah which she ends up choosing. What she grew up believing her father did to her mother was a big reason behind why she is the way she is. This is the truth of what happened.
goodnovel comment avatar
And do not say “your mom went through it” you will survive?? Just why are you writing this??

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