One Hundred-Forty-Five

I wake with a start and a small, pleasured groan as small soft hands run over my chest; I let out a low growl as she then starts kissing my skin, following her soft hands. I like how Yasmine is getting bolder with her exploration of my body and what she can do to me.

I don't open my eyes as I bring my hands up and wrap my arms around the soft body they come in contact with. I pull her tightly up against me as she finally trails her kisses to my lips. As I kiss her, I slide my fingers along her skin, looking for her scars, as I love tracing the patterns that they make.

I know Yasmine hates her scars, but I see them as a badge of her strength and the fire she holds inside. They show me that no matter what, she will fight and she will come out on top. I frown a little and stop my side of the kiss when I don't find them. I then realise that there are no sparks from her touch. I sit up suddenly, throwing the female off of me, off the bed and onto the floor. I smirk as I hear a small whimp
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Derena Marie
Thank you for the update..wish it had explained and been a bit longer

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