One Hundred-Forty-Six

A low growl rumbles through my chest at his tone and slight disrespect as I say,

“Yes, you will…” I then look at Cecilia and growl at her.

"Cecilia, would you like to explain to your father what Ian is to you?"

"What? Ian? Who's Ian? He's no one to me... Just another low Omega..."

Morpheus pushes to the front and, using his Alpha power and growls, "LIER! The truth?"

She goes to her knees in front of me and whimpers, "He is my mate, Alpha Zachariah."

I'm not exactly sure where it is directed, whether it is what she said or if it was the fact that she said the truth, but don't miss the anger that crosses Alpha Beau's face when she tells me the truth. He then growls at her,

"Cecilia, I thought I had brought you up better than that."

“But Dad, you said he was a low Omega… And that I need a strong mate to run this pack with me, not a snivelling little runt like him…” she whines, proving that I was right.

What Alpha Beau does next surprises me as I watch him step up to his daughter, w
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