One Hundred-Fifty-Three

I enter the Alpha office and walk over to the sofa. As soon as I put the pup down on the sofa, she whimpers and quickly gets off and scurries into the corner. I look at Felix and then back at the pup. I move slowly over to her as she is now shaking and fear is coming off of her in waves. I crouch down and whisper,

“Shh, it's okay, little one, no one is going to hurt you…”

"I’m not allowed in here unless it is for one of the Alpha’s punishments… What did I do wrong, Alpha sir?" She looks over my shoulder at Felix before continuing,

"Even though it hurt, I was doing everything Beta sir was asking of me…"

A low growl escapes me, and then I hear three more behind me. I turn slightly and see Felix, Robert and Raphael all standing with their eyes locked on the young pup in the corner. I go to say something else to her, but Felix walks up and then crouches down next to me and whispers,

“I am Alpha Felix and I am your Alpha now, sweetheart, and I say that you will not be punished and that you
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Update please
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Dianne R. LaPonzina
Please more updates. This is killing me. I need more.

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