One Hundred-Fifty-Four

I take this chance to have a look at the others still on their knees, but they seem to be looking at the scene unfolding before them, surprised. Felix pulls back and growls a little too harshly,

“What happened? Why are you down here?”

She whimpers and steps back, even more, lowing her head once more before whispering,

“I’m sorry Alpha, I will keep a better hold on her…”

She then quickly moves back to the other end of the room. I watch as Felix starts to step forward, obviously going to follow her. I put my hand on his shoulder and whispered,

“This is not the time or place… She remembers herself, but she has been conditioned for at least the last 3 years, if not longer. Let's check out the other room and then maybe call her up to the office and ask your questions and get Lillian to have a look at her at the same time…”

He watches her scurry back to the end of the room and then resume her place on her knees with the young pup on her lap. I turn and tug lightly on his shoulder, getting h
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will there be an update today

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