One Hundred Fifty-Eight

He chuckles down the link. I shut it off and connect with Zaire.

“Remove the Beta. He is not the male he stated to be. He will not be good for young Alpha Lucas.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

I slowly step out of the shadows and come face to face with the new young Alpha. He has fear skim his eyes, but he stands up tall in front of me. I nod my head a little and then move on through the shed.

“Raphael, take note of all the rogues and pack wolves. This will need a similar clean out that WarriorMind did.”

“Consider it done, Alpha.”

I then move on quicker than the others. I move out of that shed and move down just a little more and find another. I go through that one which has more of the same. I then exit out the other side of that one and run through the trees for a while. I am surprised when I come across another shed. I open this one and it is full of female wolves all in different stages of pregnancy.

They are all chained to the beds; I growl low as I make my way through the shed from o
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can‘t wait for the next chapter <3
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please need more chapters, have nothing else to read atm

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