One Hundred-Fifty-Nine

We are interrupted by a scream from one of the cots. Sara gets to her feet and moves quickly over to the female. She says in a calming manner,

“It’s okay Millie, this is not your first. Relax and allow your body to do what it does.” She then looks at me and says,

“I could use some help here because I can tell you now that Millie has gone into labour, the other Alpha females will too. Ava, Mia, and Sophia have all had previous pups all from Alpha Benjamin, but Gianna is new and this is her first. Even though she is carrying the Beta’s pup with him being part Alpha and her being full, she will go into labour with the others.”

“Okay. What do you need?”

“Towels and my medical bag from the small room, at least the Alpha, always made sure that it was fully stocked with whatever I needed. There are also pup packs made up in the small supply closet by the other door for when a pup is born and then taken away.”

I nod my head, letting her know that I will get her what she needs.

As I walk
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Anychance we can get more than one chapter at a time ? The wait is getting a bit tedious now it’s getting to the good stuff ......

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