One Hundred-Sixty-One

We continue into the packhouse. Once in Alpha Isaac's office, I waste no time.

"Why didn't you report this earlier? What do you have here that the rogues seem to want to send increasing numbers and to try more often?"

Alpha Isaac flinches at my tone and says,

"Sorry Alpha. I wasn't sure if you wanted to be bothered with such small attacks when you had just found your mate..."

"Even with meeting my mate, my duties stay the same and all the packs under my protection get the attention that they need and require."

He lowers his head and shows his neck, giving his submission to me. He then says,

"Again, my apologies. Alpha Zachariah."

I wave off his apology. "So, why are they attacking?"

"I am not sure. I have spoken to quite a few of the neighbouring packs and they all say that they are experiencing the same small attacks and then slightly increasing in size the further they can enter the territory. I have heard that there is a rumour that one of the packs nearby is harbouring the last
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Candy Bane
excellent book so far cannot wait for some more chapters

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