One Hundred-Sixty-Two

I smirk, get to my feet and make my way back to the cells. Once there, I don't waste any time as I enter the cell. I smirk even more as I see that Zaire has already placed and cuffed him to a chair. I don't say anything to start with as I walk up to him and punch him in the jaw, once, twice, and a few more. Once there is a light covering of blood over my knuckles, I stop and look at him and growl.

"Why are you attacking this pack?"

He smiles and spits in my face. I lift my hand and swipe it down, smearing and removing the blood and spit. I chuckle and move to the table that was behind me by the door. I pick up a thin silver knife. I could use my claws, but if I do that, he will heal quicker than I want him to. I walk back over to stand in front of him. I lean over him and whisper in his ear,

"You are going to be singing like a kitten when I have finished with you..."

I get to work making small cuts here and there. I continue until he was deathly pale from the blood running from the sm
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